My Babysitter’s Cat Got Featured

My babysitter’s cat got featured on YouTube’s animal section. So doesn’t that mean babysitterofnalts has to name it Nalts?

In similar news, I used her dog Rusty to fetch views too.

People, desperate times call for desperate measures. I have cute pets and I’m not afraid to use them.



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19 thoughts on “My Babysitter’s Cat Got Featured”

  1. I think that means you need to be giving her a cut of the ad money for whoring out her cute animals for your own use. Isn’t that why your kids went on strike in the first place?

  2. Omg. I am so PISSED!

    Dude. I’m with Matt. Where’s my share?!

    Without me and my adorable furry pets…and my oreo costume…and me eating soap…YOU’D BE NOTHING!


    Well, congrats….I guess…


  3. ^ victory hail 😉

    Kevin now dress the cat up like wee-bat-kitty and your views will double.

    I think we need a pet contest right after we finish the cheese.

  4. They still make poo poo. And bigger as they get bigger. I got two. Kittens are cute, but the next replacement is a female. Less aggressive.

    Oh yeah nice going on the kitten video thing. Isn’t it enough that you have the kids to shill on YT now you’re using the BSON’s Furry oven mitt to generate views. Have you no shame? ;PP

  5. JimmerSD:
    I have 2 kittens also. Have always had one, but decided on 2 this time after my 17 year-old cat died in February. It’s harder than it looks. 2 cats keep each other company, which is great, but they also chase each other all over the house, knock stuff off countertops and tables, etc. One of them also likes to lick hair. He usually restricts himself to my husband’s beard, but sometimes opts for hubby’s balls in the middle of the night. That’s what you get for sleeping “au naturel”. 😉

  6. I’ve taken to locking our new addition out at night. Nemo sleeps between my legs and I’ve found myself getting less and less sleep. I think he’s constantly biting my ankles and other parts, waking me up. Kittys can fly. I just haven’t demonstrated the technique to him yet.

  7. Wusses. I have 3 cats. Never again. I can handle 2, but 3 are just too much poo and hairballs.

  8. I now know more about Marilyn’s husband than I had ever hoped to know. If I should somehow meet this man some day I don’t have any idea how I will be able to have a conversation with him without some awkward mention of the above information somehow accidentally slipping out.

  9. I just wrote a comment about my kitties but one of them jumped on my lap and deleted it. Tonight we try locking them in their own room so we can get some sleep.

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