14 Replies to “Spaghetti Live-Action Video (Food, Toys, Objects)”

  1. Now THAT’S a video!!! Fabulous.

    I remember pick up sticks and that kind of kaleidoscope too. I haven’t thought about pick up sticks in at least 30 years. I feel so nostalgic now for the days when mothers didn’t worry about six-year-olds poking their eyes out with a sharp stick. Remember those black mold making boxes that you heated up and then squirted colored goo into? And it cooked the goo into rubbery insects and snakes and stuff. My mom let us play with that stuff ALONE. And we went outside all the time and we were allowed to ride our bikes all over the neighborhood until it was dark.

    Wait a minute. I’m sensing a pattern here. Maybe there’s a reason she let us do that stuff . . . .


  2. Sukatra- my mom dressed us up as yellow speed bumps for Halloween. And BTW the ez bake over was so overrated. The light bulb didn’t hurt anymore against your skin than a waffle iron (and don’t think I don’t know for sure).

  3. That video was amazing! What creativity!

    sukatra: My cousin is the reason they outlawed (or at least blunted) Jarts; he got one stuck in his arm once during a game. Of course, he was an accident waiting to happen.

    I was allowed to wander freely as a child. There were no organized baseball games or practices, we rode our bikes all over town. Unfortunately, life was quieter and easier in those days. But I had an E-Z Bake Oven!!! Nyeah, nyeah!

  4. Kevin, how bored are you at work??

    I just escaped your house for the day. Sweet sweet bliss.

    This is one of my fav videos. I sent it to Nutcheese. And she was all like “I’ve already seen it.” She’s always seen the videos before I send them to her.


  5. My brain hurts from the experience. This reminds me of the ’80s when we would get stoned and sit up all night watching USA network’s “Up all night”. Pheeewww.

  6. By the way, I just watched all of the videos by that guy. I especially like the chair porn.

    I never went into today expecting to see two chairs doing it…

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