cute kitten very is pleaseing to eye in video

why people can not understanding preferred language of comments? i am cute non english speaking kitten? speak to me as I speaking to you. why youtube commenters not understand and respect my language?

you watch my video and talkĀ  to me in comments. kindly send to your family for giving them warmth on there day.

10 Replies to “cute kitten very is pleaseing to eye in video”

  1. This was more understandable than that CPM marketing-speak you wrote recently.

    LOL cute catz you need moar of them in yoar hous

  2. Haha.

    The girls just showed me this.

    I am doing this on your comp. So I’m logged in as you.

    Oooow…the possibilities…


    Actually. Nalts is a tool. Why would I wanna be you?

    -BSoN FTW

  3. We speak American here, dammit! No special programs for lolcats! That means no ESOL classes, no affirmative action, and damn sure no quotas for lolcats!!

    (This message was paid for by the Republican Party.)

  4. Well, obviously this immigrant cat has been hanging out with Charlestrippy’s dog’s too much lately. At least my dogs have proper grammar!

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