“Made for TV Drama” to Feature NewTeeVee Pier Screening’s Judges

The first NewTeeVee Pier Screening of 2008 is themed “pilots,” (as in pilot episodes of web series not airplane fliers, dumb ass).

Judges include Martin Sargent (Internet Superstar), George Strombolis (YouTube) and Marie Drennan (San Franscisco State University).

Who will play the roles of each judge on the made for TV drama based loosely on the screening competition? Here are our votes.

  • Jodie Foster as Marie Drennan
  • Ryan Howard (The Office temp) as George Strombolos
  • Eric Estrada as Martin Sargent

newteevee judges of pier screening (who plays them in movie)

17 Replies to ““Made for TV Drama” to Feature NewTeeVee Pier Screening’s Judges”

  1. Why do you use such tiny, light print so that us old folks can barely even see the letters? Especially in the morning when I’m still rubbing all that crusty sleep out of my eyes. Remember having sleep in your eyes? It was such a big deal when I was a kid. That was before I realized it was just dried up snot that comes out of your eyes instead of your nose. Now it’s just a pain in the ass and keeps me from seeing clearly for at least half an hour after I get up. My favorite cereal was Life. And my mom used to put out a glass of orange juice and a little white donut for each of us. Plus our vitamin. I hated orange juice and used to make her strain it for me. Finally she said “fuck you and your fucking pickiness about pulp in the juice. Just drink it, bitch.”

    I blame her for my personality defects. And my eyesight.

  2. Sukatra, that sounds like a comment I would have made to one of my kids!

    I have no idea what Nalts’ blog post said. Oh yeah. He called the reader “dumb ass.” Nalts. Don’t talk like that, or I’m comin’ over wash out your mouth wif soap.

  3. I just read DahliaK’s message and see that you did call us dumbass. I cannot explain it, and it may be hypocritical, but I find it kind of offensive. Okay, fine. It is hypocritical. But if you want to insult us, at least throw some creativity and finesse in there. Along with a little more subtlety.

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting ready to menstruate. I love that word. Always makes men uncomfortable. Except marquisdejolie.

  4. I agree sukatra, and it’s not hypocritical. Try to be a little more creative when you insult us in the future, Kevin. And I don’t even menstruate anymore (that’s how f*cking old I am!)

  5. Fertile women are a fool’s playground, sukatra, but I’ve been known to dabble in foolishness. Nice of y’all to bleed for humanity. Like you had a choice.

  6. marquis

    thanks for recognizing our sacrifice, but I’m not fertile anymore and haven’t been for years. So why must I continue to bleed? I think there’s a design flaw that God should have fixed. I’m thinking of suing Him.

    Now – let’s see how many posts we can get from people where they talk about women menstruating. Maybe we can get Nalts’ blog to come up whenever somebody puts the word “menstruate” into Google.

  7. sukatra: You can get that taken care of. Or you could wait a few years. One of the happiest days of my life was when I passed the one year mark without menstruating and knew I was finally done. Can you imagine what men would do if they had to go through that crap every month? Laws would be passed and biology would be altered.

  8. I have no idea what that “pilot” thing is about even after going to the site. It looked like it had something to do with San Francisco, but I lost focus when I tried to get more details and now I find myself back on the blog writing a comment while still clueless.

    I was at the YouTube office a few months ago and this guy starts asking me all sorts of questions like… “Do negative comments on your videos bother you?” and other stuff about my YT experience. I explained that the negative comments were my favorite. I come to find out later that he was George Strompolos. I think he has a crush on me.

  9. nut cheese you can rest assure> the comma button on my comp isn”t working>but yes< ryan on the office reminds me of my brother because of their looks< confidence< and rythm of speech

  10. nut cheese>george strompolos does not have a crush on you> you can rest assure> the comma button on my comp isn”t working>but yes< ryan on the office reminds me of my brother because of their looks< confidence< and rythm of speech

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