Horror Hitch Hiker Prank

I’m reminded again by this video’s early rankings that people like the “candid camera” prank content. And 14-year-old’s sell on YouTube.

Thanks to Spencer (Farting in Public) for being the gracious victim of a prank that involves me picking up a complete stranger in a convenience store. That stranger, of course, was played by EdBassmaster from YouTube (see his reel to appreciate his dark character diversity). I couldn’t stop laughing, but I figured if I Spencer believed I was scared, he’d expect me to drop him off. So I decided I’d play the oblivious video guy who has no sense of danger. It was a theatrical stretch for me, naturally.

Sometimes it’s the easy videos that pop, and the hard ones that die. In this case, the video got lots of honors (click “more,” below for list). And it took hours to conceive and plan, as well as hours to edit (really difficult to yank some fantastic moments between Ed and Spencer, but had to keep it as short as possible).

I give you: The Horror Hitchhiker Prank…

Honors as of July 19, 2008

23 Replies to “Horror Hitch Hiker Prank”

  1. 14 year olds sell on Youtube??? Bah! I think you forgot about your old friend Reubnick, who was just rejected from the Partner’s program AGAIN for the 7th time today!

  2. Hey Phil, whoever you are, I think I can complain for myself here, you don’t have to do it for me…

    I can’t believe you seriously already read my post about being rejected again! I literally JUST posted it! That’s really weird.

  3. I’m not a big fan of the Spencer videos, but that video was hilarious! It’s always funny to make a 14 year old piss his pants out of fear.

    btw… I noticed a spelling error. Marilyn should be so proud because I never usually notice them.

  4. I am very proud, NutCheese!!! I noticed it as well. Let’s see if anyone else can find the hidden spelling error.

    BTW, great video Nalts. I’m surprised Spencer didn’t crap his pants. Oh, wait; that’s what sukatra would do.

  5. This is one of my new favorites Kev…I’ve never seen someone take so many unecessary sips from a Red Mountain Dew in a long time! :o) …and ofcourse you laughing through the whole thing is the best!

  6. that was excellent!

    and the slips were perfect because I could hear Spenser thoughts just racing… “Man,I’m never gonna do anything with this guy again he’s so irresponsible! I can’t believe he thinks this is funny! What a dick I am outta here! I can’t believe he let this guy in the car! I am so out of here! This is the last time I swear!”

    Spenser was a great sport too.

  7. Ed Bassmaster was fabulous.

    I think Philip K. Jamal is robnickel’s dad. Or somebody from his school who he’s paying to write these comments.

  8. I feel like commenting, but find everything worth saying has already been said by the above commenters!

    Nice video Nalts but it wouldn’t surprise me if Spencer’s willingness to work with you cools a little.

  9. OMG I can’t stop laughing at the “I’ve never seen someone take so many unecessary sips from a Red Mountain Dew” comment. Why is that so funny. He does sip it like an old man drinking scotch because his wife is making him crazy. Not that I’d know. 😉

  10. Hey, sukatra & NutCheese! It was good “seeing” you guys last night. I’ll try to drop by again sometime when my husband isn’t home so I can actually concentrate on the wild excitement going on in your Stickam room. Seriously, guys, you need to tone it down a bit; it was really wild in there!

  11. So Nalts, what’s with the parenthetical descriptor after your name? Think maybe we’ll forget who you are, since you rarely comment here? Or is it an ego thing?

  12. This is a great vid. Pranking the prankster leads me to wonder how long it will be before you try to set Ed up in some elaborate scheme.

  13. I am posting here because the whole list of recent comments is spam.
    I am trying to get other names on the list besides spam.

    I definitely think Spencer needs to prank Nalts good. Maybe we can help him! 🙂

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