50 Things Marketers Will Ignore About Social Media

Oh you stupid marketer. I can’t even believe you found this blog post. You’re so stupid.

I can’t even help you right now. But Chris Brogan can. He’s got a list of 50 ways a marketer can use social media. Why don’t you go read it so you can make sure you don’t accidentally do any of them.

13 Replies to “50 Things Marketers Will Ignore About Social Media”

  1. that list is too long for my short teenage attention span to read.

    now, if I were to get an A in willvideoforfood-ology, then maybe, I’ll go read it.

  2. This is a landmark day. You wrote about me. I’ve been a fan forever. Hooray!!!!

    And I snorted out loud with the post. : )

    I second brindle16’s point of view: maybe you can act out all 50. Quickly. Like dance bastard .: )

  3. brindle: Did you have a birthday recently? Didn’t you used to be brindle15?

    Yeah, that list was too long and boring to read. But from what I DID read, it sounds a lot like what you have been saying for ages, Nalts.

    Jischinger: I would be delighted to work as a spell checker. It makes my day to find spelling mistakes. Which is why coming to this blog always brightens my day. 🙂

  4. Hank is reading every one of your posts while I type this. He reads everything he sees on the computer screen now. It’s really starting to piss me off.

  5. Can I get Chris Brogan to do all these things for me? I’ll buy him a burrito if he does.

    hey Marilyn, evie says she can make you day in a big way, interested?

  6. “hey Marilyn, evie says she can make you day in a big way, interested?”

    Happy Birthday brindle.

    Hank: You are correct. Love you mom, though.

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