Canadian Internet Starlet Meets Viral Video Genius

Sophia (aka Mugglesam) goes to a Canadian Internet conference and meets the viral video genius. So fascinating to relive this day through the eyes of a shorter child than me.

And if you’re marketing to kids or parents, help me understand why you wouldn’t make Sophia your spokeperson. Because otherwise she might be a tractor when she grows up.

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  1. You didn’t even genuflect! NOR did you go to confession. Therefore, your mass visit…is nothing but a walk in the park.

  2. That was too easy. I need to use that Mass excuse more often. Oh wait… would that mean I would need to go more than one time or can I keep saying “but I went to Mass”?

  3. Yo. Dumbass. You’re sitting right next to me and just verbalized it to me.


  4. It’s amazing to me how much fun you guys can have without even drinking a single drop of alcohol. I mean kelley and jenn, that is.

  5. I would never employ as a babysitter to my kids someone who says words like “asshat” and “dumbass.”

    Oh, wait. I already have. Never mind.

  6. Sophia is absolutely adorable, and I can think of no reason to not have her as your spokesperson. Great video MuggleSam!

  7. What a cute video. Sophia is, as usual, adorable.

    Jenn and Kelley, if you are sitting next to each other, I have an idea; why not talk directly to each other instead of through the blog.

    And Nalts, who’s watching the kids while you are in Philly?

  8. yeah, Sophia is one of those Grace Kelly kind of sophisticated drunks, not mean white trash like Pearl.

    I think this blog just went from PG13 to NC17 and suspect we’ll all be getting calls [click] from the Texas Social Services shortly.

  9. If you think the Latter Days are clique-ish, you should check out the Southern Baptists and Snake Handlers churches we have in east Texas! Wednesday is Bring A Snake To Service Night. (Thursday is Closet Drinking Night)

  10. Marilyn,

    I am so sorry you are feeling depressed about missing yotube. I wish I could do something to make you feel better.

    Oh by the way, did I mention that Kevin called me from the hotel room to tell me that everybody missed me?

    Love and Kisses


  11. Oh jimmer, you have no idea how happy you’ve made me. I have never been called a bastard before, and until now didn’t realize how much I really wanted that title. I can feel my balls doubling in size even as I write this.

  12. Sukatra:
    Did he really? Just had to rub salt in the wound, huh?

    I left on comment on one of his videos saying I was sorry I missed it. Kevin’s reply? “Well I had a nice time visiting with you until I realized that Marianne and you aren’t the same person. “

  13. Marilyn – he did. could have knocked me over with a feather. And yes, I had to rub salt in the wound. but look at it this way. It could have been worse. I could have poured a big old bottle of rubbing alcohol on it. Or just hit you over the head with a machete.

    I saw him make a reference to a marianne in something this weekend and had a feeling he was mistaking that person for you – guess I was right!

  14. I am so fcukin’ lost in here, I mean there are so many places to comment……What should I say? What should I do? Will this become a part of my permanent record? Do you really think I give a fcuk?

    Wow who would’ thought psych meds and I am relatively balanced in my insanity!

  15. YOTube was awesome. I got a very special memento from Kevin. Well, he left it sitting at the park sooooo it just kind of ended up in my trunk. And no it isn’t Jo.

  16. Hey Rey! How ya doing? I hear that it’s all your fault that Kelley and sukatra didn’t go to YoTube. Which is partially why I didn’t go. That and I couldn’t convince my friend that I was going to drive with that it was worth a four hour drive.

    Anybody want to come to Albany for a YouTube meet-up? I know some people call it Smalbany, but it’s not really that bad. We have a cool-looking state government complex ( and our new nickname is Tech Valley.

  17. Tech Valley sounds like the kind of name a place gives to itself when it’s trying to attract tech jobs to the area. Good Luck with that one.

  18. Actually, we have a fairly booming tech business here these days. Albany College of Nanoscience is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest colleges of nanoscience. And AMD is building a chip fab plant here. And Semitech just moved here. Plus we have Vicarious Visions, the software company that makes the Tony Hawk video games, among others. So, yeah, we really ARE Tech Valley.

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