The Secret Sauce of Viral Video? Falling Off a Stage. And Dressing Like a Dork in Public.

It’s now officially my Halmark. I like falling off the stage when I speak. This morning I did it at a Yahoo! conference in Toronto, and practically caused the organizer to go into labor early (sorry, Adina).

Here’s the highlights, and includes some footage for a future video called “Dork Runner.” Thanks to mugglesam for finding the costume store and working camera on this footage. Dork Runner will be in Philly’s YoTube event Friday, NYC on Monday, and LA on Wednesday. Stay tuned for a montage.

On Slideshare, you can download the presentation I showed here, which is called “The Secrets of Viral Video Marketing.” The embed is below, and you can click thru to get to the download page. Please attribute it to per creative commons or whatever.

43 Replies to “The Secret Sauce of Viral Video? Falling Off a Stage. And Dressing Like a Dork in Public.”

  1. Seriously Kevin the way you fell on that chair all mangled like, it looked like it really hurt. You’re bruised aren’t you? :o)

    Dork Dude is pretty F-ing hawt! Not WoN hawt, but pretty damn man sexy hawt! lol (no sukatra…I dind’t feel like saying it outloud totally today. You know, the F-bomb. I figured this blog will have 2 or 3 F-bomb submissions by you by the end of the day anyway.) :o)

  2. Next time you fall, jump up and scream “Live from PA, its Viral Video Genius”
    The Dork Dude needs some cools 70’s era headphones with an old school walk-man. Or how about an 8-track player hanging via sholder strap

  3. Thanks sukatra, but i think I’m dating myself. An old SNL line followed by a hi-fi reference and 8 tracks. I’m almost as old as Nalts

  4. david:
    I’m the oldest commenter on this blog. Do not attempt to usurp my position of seniority. I fully understood all of your reference. Nalts even looks a little (very little; hair line, mostly) like Chevy Chase.

    BTW, I am no longer attending YoTube. My friend that was going to drive down with me got scared off by the lack of authenticity the affair has.

  5. Ok, MDJ, you weren’t around when we did the A/S/L thing (check the comments on “ vs. Bifurfacted Visitors”), so I guess I can’t say with certainty that I m the oldest fart on this blog. I will, however, say, if it ain’t me, I’m damn close. I may be chronologically old, but I’m very immature. Also, I’m old enough that I just don’t give a rat’s ass anymore.

  6. Really? I thought you were gone for a few days, around the time we did that.

    Sorry; I just went back and looked at the post again and – there you are! One year younger than me. But you say you lied? Shame on you. Am I close to you?

  7. Hey kevin. I’m guessing that fall off the stage was really good for your sciatica. Good luck with that.

  8. okay, WTF is up with you people? Why aren’t you looking at nalts new vanity website? I mean, yeah, I know, it sucks, but you can leave COMMENTS!! And you can pretend to be ANYBODY you want!!!

    Which I’ve been doing for the last couple of days.

  9. Oh my GOD. You’re following ruebnick on twitter and not me????????

    Man, talk about an ego-deflating moment.

  10. sukatra:
    Are you the one that is pretending to be me on Nalts’ other site? I think I posted there once, but my name shows up a few times (along with names like “The Spelling Nazi”).

    No one follows me on Twitter either.

  11. sukatra, you probably made them lock the comments section cause it won’t let me comment. You posing as everyone and all, must be a precautionary measure. LOL!

    I was there to reply to Nalts’ ad…my pet hamster needs a friend and he has his own leash!!!

  12. Marilyn, i’m not sure how much confirmation your friend needs, the gathering is at a national park and the city has all of the permits on file. šŸ™‚

  13. sukatra, the same kind of twisted nutcase who’s name is sukatra.

    oh, the nick change is an hour early my time, but that doesn’t matter too much.

  14. Marilyn, please forgive my insolence. I meant no disrespect to the elders here. I will do my best in the future to only make old people comments when absolutely necessary!

  15. OK, Let me respond to everyone in order:

    sukatra: You are a nut case and I am sure you are the one impersonating me. I am honored.

    MDJ: I had nothing to do last night. And I have to admit I fast-forwarded a couple of times. But still found it interesting, sort of.

    Matt: I’m pretty sure my friend has not interest in going anymore. We were kinda drunk when we talked about going and I think once she sobered up she realized that it was a long way to drive to hang out with people she doesn’t know or care about (non offense, anyone).

    David: I am not ashamed of being older; I consider it an accomplishment that I made it made this far in life, considering my misspent youth.

  16. Brindle, obviously you are too young to remember when disgruntled postal workers started going into their places of work with AK-47s. The word “postal” has since been coopted into the vernacular of American culture, describing a person who is essentially a nutcase and could go off at any moment. You know, kinda like me.

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