31 Replies to “My NBC Today Show Cameo (video) About Travel Woes”

  1. Surrender to the absurdity? Isn’t that what you do every time you read the comments on this blog?

  2. hey Kevin. My son thinks you’re a celebrity, and he was not surprised to see you on Today. I think he was disappointed that there were no gags.

    — damon

  3. Kevin, just went to your Twittter site. I really hate to say this, but you have got to learn to spell. It’s driving me crazy. Samples:

    “today wrote two busses” I think you “rode” two “buses”.

    “Target handycap stall” It’s spelled “handicap”

    “Today Show sement” I think you mean “segment”

    I really hate to be the spelling Nazi, but it’s my OCD.

  4. BTW, I agree with your “agent”. Shave, please. You look scruffy. If I actually do make it to YoTube with my friend who has heard of you but never watched, she’ll think you are a terrorist. Or worse.

  5. Kev, you’re super cool. I started to follow you on twitter today and you were under 700 followers, now you have like 754 or something…there must be a few people reading this website other than us regular cool people! :o)

    Twitter is weird, is it really that simple or is it so complex that I just don’t get it? Hmmmm.

  6. Nalts, if you follow me on Twitter, I’ll follow you. That’s the only reason I follow CharlesTrippy. Do you think I actually care about his wacky emo loser tendencies? No! I’m just polite!

  7. Oh wait, I’ve been following you on Twitter for a few months now, I just didn’t know it. That sort of destroys what I just said. I never go on that stupid site, how was I supposed to know?

    By the way, I forgot to change my name back to Reubnick up there.

  8. Oh wait again! You ARE following me on twitter, Nalts, and I just didn’t know that! God!! I need to do my research. Disregard my first comment, because all of the content of it was wrong…aside from the whole CharlesTrippy part.

  9. Wow Kevin! You almost looked like you where an expert or something. Almost. You where on TV so everything you say must be authoritative and true. Lead on McDuck.

  10. nonononononono, jimmerSD, he was on the wrong channel, now, if he showed up on, like, spike, or something, then we’d have something true.

  11. What I’m saying is that this was not my video nor was it keyworded with my screenname but there it is. I hope the AdCents are credited to me, too. But wait. Is some of MY stuff being credited to others? How can I trust YouTube to count when it can’t even read?

  12. Yeah, I just watched the usair sucks video again, and I have a really serious question for you.

    Was there a bar mitzvah going on during that flight? Because that music sure sounded like there was.

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