YouTube Community Hits Philadelphia July 12, 2008

I’ve written about YouTube gatherings before (here’s a previous post with a few of the websites devoted to gathering and meetups).

On July12, YouTube community members will descend upon Philadelphia. For more information on this event, or to share information about your own event, please visit the new Ning group I established for gatherings.

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Here’s the original promotional video by Battim and Pipistrello, and below is my interview today with Pipistrello (my kids are making too much noise for you to hear much, so you may want to hit the ning site.

It’s called YouTubeLive, and it’s at

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  1. What the fuck is a ning? Can’t you be normal like everybody else and just put up a regular website? Do you always have to be special? It’s not always about you Kevin. Sometimes it’s about me.

  2. A ning is like a social network site in a box. It’s a little easier than a forum, and it seems to be catching on.

  3. My husband will say it’s a waste of money, blah, blah, blah. He’ll think it’s stupid. He thinks everything I do is stupid. I quit smoking 5 months ago and am saving the money I would have spent on cigarettes for a cruise next April with my sisters. He thinks I’m being selfish with “the family’s money”. If I said I want to go to Philly for the weekend to see people I’ve never met, he would definitely think I’m nuts.

  4. Any more nuts than we already think you are? Of course it’s a waste of money, that’s what makes it fun!

    Seriously though, it’s too bad he’s not so cool with your online hobbies.

  5. “A ning is like a social network site in a box.”

    Well, that sure cleared things up for me.

  6. I’m hoping Mr Safety will spend a couple of hours talking about his cats, that would just make the afternoon.

  7. Nalts, you can expect a call from me on Pipistrello’s phone, and then fun will be had by all.

    By the way, I took the picture of Pipistrello from 1:19 in the video and made it my desktop background. I recommend you do the same.

  8. sukatra: If I could come, I would help you with the Mr. Safety hit. Why I still watch him, I don’t know. I guess it’s like passing a car accident; it’s hard to look away, even when you are cringing inside.

  9. So where are people staying? Sukatra, I am seriously considering tell my husband to f**k off and come anyway. If only to meet you; I have had so much fun over the past few months interacting with you on this blog.

  10. I’m staying at the HIlton Garden Inn near the convention center. Or camping on Nalts front lawn, whichever’s cleaner.

  11. With all the butter farts and other unusual things that go on around Nalts’ house, I’m not sure his lawn would be safe. Plus you are likely to get videotaped in compromising situations.

  12. We’re not staying overnight – just the 12 to 6 period marc mentioned in nalts video.

    Yeah, and you don’t want to sleep anywhere near nutcheese, because I guarantee a video of you snoring or drooling or something will show up on her channel within days.

  13. P.S. I always think it’s good to tell a man to fuck off. I don’t know why, I just do.

  14. You are just going for the day, sukatra? I am over 4 hours away; biggest problem is the $200 in gas it will cost me (about the same for the train). Are you bringing Hank?

  15. I was going back and forth deciding on if I was going or not (driving out from Long Island) but I have decided I’m going to go for sure now! Looking forward to meeting you all. I don’t have a hotel booked so I’ll probably just stay for the main gathering and then head back, but who knows, maybe stop by D&B for a little while.

  16. No, he’s just not crazy about going places where there’s nothing for him, or as he puts it, “where’s the fun for me? this isn’t fair!”

  17. Typical kid. They are very ego-centric at that age.

    It looks like I will not be coming this weekend. I will miss meeting you guys, especially sukatra, but hopefully another opportunity will arise. Hope you all have fun!

  18. IMPORTANT!!!!! I seemed to have talked my best friend in the whole wide world into going to Philly with me on Saturday. I need to know where the largest contingent of WVFF correspondents and other YTers are staying. Are there any deals out there (like a bunch of people staying at one hotel so we get a deal kind of thing)?

  19. Um, where I’m staying is 6 blocks from the gathering but it’s really expensive (not paying for it, loyalty clubs are great!). I think there were some other youtubers staying at the Windsor Suites but I don’t know if they had any kind of a deal, I think it was a bunch of them sharing a couple of rooms.

  20. Anybody know the name of the bar that people are meetin at after the gathering? My “best friend in the whole wide world” is now feeling a little nervous about driving four hours for a casual gathering that may not be safe and she wants to call the bar to see if they are expecting a large group. When I first broached the subject with her, I guess she got the impression that it was at a convention center or something.

  21. I was at the NYC gathering last year and it was completely safe. Sure there’s a lot of shooting going on, but its just with cameras. Both the NY one and this one are in a park so its probably as safe as any other time you go to the park… Yeah. So what NutCheese said 🙂

  22. Oh yeah, and Dave & Buster’s is not just a bar, its sort of like a Chucky Cheese for adults. Lots of video games/pool/etc, a bar, and a family restaurant. So its safe too.

  23. So who is actually still going? I need names, people!! I finally might be able to get to one of these damn meet-ups, and now I find that some of the people I most wanted to meet up with aren’t coming. So what gives?

  24. Bummer! You are one of the people I most wanted to meet. Is there another gathering coming up that you, sukatra, and Nalts will all be going to?

  25. Not sure yet. I don’t tend to plan more than a couple weeks ahead. I’m too ADHD for that.

    BTW Marilyn… I was telling Sukatra the other night that you crack me up… Sukatra response was that she farted.

  26. I’m glad to know that I produce a reaction from you guys; not exactly the one I was looking for, but I take what I can get.

    BTW; when are you guys on Stickam? Maybe I should drop by.

  27. Marilyn, I can tell you that I’m not going, now, if we have a gathering that’s like… a mile away from me, then I might be able to go, that or wait until I’m 18 and legally don’t have to care what my parents think.

  28. brindle, just so you know, my sons are 22 and 19 and they still care what their parents think. They also still live at least part of the year at home (when not at college) and help out around the house. They also have the freedom to come and go as they please, within reason. I hate it when they come home late only because I am a worry-wart and I can’t sleep until they come home. Of course, when they are at college I have no idea when they are home, where they are, or what they are doing, but that is the dichotomy of motherhood.

  29. your sons are obviously different from my brother, my dad recently threatened to evict him because he wasn’t doing anything for the familiy.

  30. Youtubers that I know of that have said they are going on Saturday – Nalts, Pipistrello, MightyThor1212, charlestrippy, shaycarl, supadupaflygirl, olgakay, pdxvlog, xgobobeanx, battim, davedays, katiesopinion, whatthebuck was a maybe (and I think he may be a NO now), Urgo, Pumpernickel (robnickel’s long lost cousin), sukatra, and of course myself. I’m sure a lot more people are going I just don’t know who they all are.

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