Kevin is a poopie head



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  1. Okay, who the heck is cheezeofnalts? I know it’s someone in here because you’re subscribed to the regular commenters on this blog.

    By the way, I agree. nalts is a poopyhead. Kevin, with all this talk of shit over the last two days, i think you should seriously consider renaming the blog “willvideoforpoo”.

  2. It’s all about the power of the online community, the sharing, the closeness of our relationships here on the blog, Robnickel, or whatever your name is.

  3. There are better things to share than poo.

    And it’s just a guess, but i’m betting ‘Robnickel’ goes by Nick.

  4. I am haven’t taken my morning poo yet. My day can’t really start until I take my morning poo. I feel it coming though… turtle head touching cloth.

  5. From now on when I have to go #2, I’m gonna say I have to go take a Nalts, in honor of you Naltsie! :o) So when I’m constipated, I’m gonna tell everybody I have writers block.

  6. Nalts! Did you change my signature! You rat. I do not eat poo.

    I’m with you Kelley. A day without a good shit is a day without sunshine.

    Robnickel: I like that, sukatra. I also like the idea of calling my poops “Nalts” from now. :-} Especially since he changed my sig. Now learn how to spell my name right, Kevin.

  7. I think I’ve changed my mind, Kevn. Poopy head does not accurately describe you. How about doody head?

  8. There is already a MrDoodyhead. I will refrain from using the obvious continuation to this line of reasoning. It’s just not polite. LOL

  9. poopie head?

    now, why would I think that?

    nonononono, I think that you are a balding, old fart who needs to… eh… Marilyn already said it.

  10. For the record, my name is Reuben. I don’t know where you guys got Robnickel from. You should know my name by now, guys, I try to post a witty comment that usually isn’t funny at all, and just ends up being self indulgent on all of Nalt’s posts!

  11. We know your name, Reubnick; we just don’t care. Besides, Kevin hardly ever manages to spell my name right.

  12. Reubnick, isn’t that a kind of cow or a sandwich?

    Hey junkies, poopie, doody and cheese heads, the polls are open go vote!

    can’t believe I just said that, I need a vacation from the vacation

  13. A Reuben is a roast-beef and sauerkraut sandwich, which I have never had. I’ve heard more jokes about me being named after a sandwich (which isn’t true), than I’ve heard the word “A”.

    I’m not aware of any cows being called a Reuben though, but maybe there are ones out there. There are probably also cows called Jischinger, as well.

  14. “There are probably also cows called Jischinger, as well.”

    probably? do you live in a cave? you never heard of the ischinger cow?
    world famous for their ice cream sundaes. You grab a bucket, spoon and napkin and boom! fresh! Reub you need to get out more

  15. Pshhh, I get out all the time, Jischinger! In fact only last night I saw Cheap Trick at summerefest. I think you meant that I need a girlfriend, because I won’t argue with you on that one.


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