28 Replies to “Web Dude Versus Sales Dude”

  1. SUKATRA!!! I freaking set my ALARM to beat you this time. This is SO unhealthy…

    WVFF is a fricken cult.

    Kevin. That video is over 10 minutes long. ARE YOU INSANE?!

    I’m going back to bed…

  2. Hilarious video! Watched it twice! I used to do IT tech support work (back in the dinosaur days of BBS) and this rings SO true.

    And Break is at it again (click link).

  3. a rare breed indeed, but rest assured when calling and placed on hold forever or given smarmy answers and flustered by their off putting ways just knowing that they don’t live very long is some how extremely comforting

  4. OMG! This was freakin’ hilarious!

    So not like my IT support. I work for a Korean based company.

    My IT support goes something like this…

    IT “Expwain yoor pwoblem to me agwen, pwease.”

    xjgx “Uh, my password doesn’t work”

    IT “So yoor swaying dat yoor pwassword does not work wight?”

    xjgx “correct”

    30 min later…

    IT “Uhhhh, wat was yoor name agwen pwease?”

  5. I don’t think sukatra sleeps. I think she is actually a robot. She just hangs out on her computer all day waiting for a new post here so she can be first. Give up, BsoN, you will never beat her.

  6. Actually, MDJ, I have beat sukatra as well. But it was during the school year when I was at work at 7:30 and they didn’t block this site, and I didn’t have any 1st period classes. Now that it’s summer, I’m sleeping in and not reading this post as early as I am used to.

  7. Sales guys are vulgar and stupid. I know. I used to be one. Sold Vulcan Fire Alarms, a $500 item, door to door (kinda like the Kirby vacuum cleaner guys).

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