69 Replies to “Knock Knock”


    You know, that’s really not as funny as you think.

  2. Fuck you sukatra… my nephews think it’s REALLY funny! I base all my humor on what makes them giggle. That’s why I make videos about farts.

  3. Kelley, I know you’ve got a thing for me, but no matter how many times you ask, I am NOT going to fuck you. I am a heterosexual. Nothing against lesbians, mind you, I just don’t want to fuck them. I prefer weiners. And not the party size, either.

  4. Kevin, you are wayyyy too late to this party to be telling that crazy-assed bitch what to do. She’s out of control.

  5. Kevin. Quick. Get your camera. Catch the Sukatra and Nutcheese makeup kiss…

    Madonna and Brittany potential. Remember?!

  6. …shit. You’re right.

    OMG. Ew. Your queer rubbed off on me.


  7. Two worded post. Let’s see if it can become the most commented thread on willvideoforfood. I think 3 more comments should do it. Did anyone see the new kevinnalty.com?

  8. The record is way more than this – i think there were at least 37 on one of the cheese blogs, or maybe on the 3 rules of viral video.

    By the way, I’m naked. I suggest you avert your eyes if you don’t want your corneas burned off.

  9. I go to bed early one night and look what I miss.

    About to go forth for some festive Fourth festivities. Won’t be commenting much today. I’m sure you’ll all miss me. Actually, with all this NutCheese/sukatra fornication going on, maybe you won’t.

    Happy 4th!

    Remember, if your go forth on the 4th with a fifth, do go forth on the fifth. Or something like that.

  10. By the way, I’m 46 and I’m making fart jokes on a public blog. What’s wrong with me?

    Whoops, just ripped another one.

  11. sukatra, you may have just farted, but I just sharted with a house full of guests! Damn greasy sausage! I’m gonna start pissin’ out of my ass here in a minute! *runs to bathroom and immediately turns on the vent fan!*

  12. Jason, that is by far the grossest and most disgusting comment you have ever made on this blog. Congratulations!

  13. Only 39 posts? And I’ve been gone almost all day. Only 6 posts since I left. You people haven’t been very busy. Except for sukatra, who is farting up a storm, and NutCheese, who is lusting after her. And BsoN, who is strangely attracted to both of them.

  14. Stop farting and go shit on the toilet.

    BTW, you re 46? I somehow thought you were younger. You are almost as old as me. 🙂

    Also, I am jealous of your attraction to Kelley.

  15. Kelley is delusional. And she just shit her pants too. I heard the poo come out on stickam.

  16. Just give it a little more time… you will want me so bad that you wont be able to control yourself. You will start stalking me like MuggleSam does.

  17. You love it, sukatra, and you know it. You are almost as much of an attention whore as Nalts, who has completely lost control of this blog.

    NutCheese: If you weren’t 3000 miles away from me, I’d be on your doorstep. Except you live in the ghetto. And that building you live in scares me.

  18. Naw… Julie moved out a while ago. Actually the management somehow got emailed my videos and have kicked all those people out. I don’t know who could have emailed it to them. *acts all innocent*

  19. Marilyn, I am so offended that you called me an attention whore. I am NOT an attention whore.

    I’m a crack whore.

  20. NutCheese: Good job! Your building must be so much quieter now. I might not even be afraid to go there.

    sukatra: Now I know why you never sleep.

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