Special WVFF Forum for Cheese Videos!

It was too hard to surf the comment threads of old WVFF posts regarding such an important topic as the Cheese Videos, so we at WillVideoForFood.com have created a special forum thread.

Visit the Official Will Video For Food Cheese Forum Thread now, and vote on the creator(s) who most assaulted the dignity of cheese.

If you haven’t posted a cheese video yet, it’s never too late. Just be sure to tag it with the following words:

naked cheese video american zardoz short film airplane pizzle sore feltch

Also, it’s important to add the word “VIDEO” to your title. That way it will rank high when people search Google for “CHEESE VIDEO(s).”

Hey- thanks to the Revver Editors for featuring Naked Cheese! I respect your taste.

Revver recognizes brilliance of Naked Cheese by Nalts

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21 Replies to “Special WVFF Forum for Cheese Videos!”

  1. Do you reallly think it will make a difference if I add the word “video” to my original title of “banana hammock?” I’ll do it if you think so, but I feel like it will violate the artistic integrity accompanying my choice of “banana hammock” as the title for my cheese video.

    There’s nothing good on tv tonight.

  2. Aren’t you watching “America’s Got Talent”?

    Adding the word “video” to my video isn’t going to help; no one watches my videos anyway.

  3. I can’t post to the forum. I guess I’m not one of the cool kids. Also, my name isn’t one the list. Didn’t you like my Hot Naked Cheese?

  4. No feltching. They just had a brother-sister salsa duo on. And before that a Frisbee dog who as REALLY good. Now there is this really cute married couple on that look about 12.

  5. Naked cheese is so dumb!

    I love Sukatra.

    I need to go to bed. Kevin’s spawn needs tending to in a few hours.

  6. I caught up on your blog this morning and had to make a cheese video.

    It’s uploaded but taking forever to process so I’ll attach it tomorrow morning.

    G’nite all!

  7. Zack Scott’s video is the funniest yet. What a stupid dog. At least he (she?) wasn’t traumatized like Mast’s dog was.

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