Cheese Campaign: the Power of Online-Video Community

Cheese videosPeople who haven’t yet understood the power of online video are amazed at how the video community has pulled together in the recent movement to honor cheese. Individuals from all over the globe have taken time away from other important endeavors to make a video about cheese, or involving cheese.

Many online-video causes have helped raise funds, educate people on political issues, or raise awareness of and humanitarian issues. Hug day. End to racism. Love a homosexual. Feed the poor. Don’t eat meat. Heck, Dylan’s Couch is proposing Volunteer Day on August 2.

But this cheese movement isn’t about helping people or improving lives. It’s a selfless act, and we know cheese can’t nor shouldn’t repay the favor. Sometimes life isn’t about doing something for someone else for hopes of recognition or to help humanity. Sometimes life is about helping cheese.

To see the cheese playlist on YouTube, click here. To download this cheese illustration as a PSD to make a coffee mug or t-shirt, click here.



19 Replies to “Cheese Campaign: the Power of Online-Video Community”

  1. Do you fully appreciate how loyal your fans are Nalts? You ask, we deliver. I, personally, am deeply jealous. And astounded.

  2. Oh I am a humble participant not an organizer. I’m being loyal to something way more important than me, willvideoforfood or youtube. It’s cheese, Marilyn.

  3. “Sometimes life isn’t about doing something for someone else for hopes of recognition or to help humanity. Sometimes life is about helping cheese.”

    Bullshit – I got 949 views of my video today!! That’s what it’s all about for me, baby!

    Just kidding. This has been fun. We loyal readers should do viral shit more often.

    Kevin, can’t you send this to one of your blog buddies to get them to write about this phenomenon? I mean, not just a cheese blog. A regular blogger like you. Well, not like you. You know what I mean. Oh, never mind.

  4. I can’t remeber when I had more fun with a keyboard and a mouse….well there was that…ahem . Nevermind. I am honored to be among such cheesy company. The world needs more like you.

    Let cheese bring the world together.

    This was a blast lets do it again really soon! Oh and I am so making a t-shirt!

  5. I agree, jimmerSD. This has been a lot of fun. We should definitely do it more often.

    Kevin, sukatra’s right as well (it HAS been known to happen). Send this to a real blogger and let’s get some press. Not that you aren’t a real blogger. I just mean a blogger that people actually read. Besides us, of course.

  6. Okay, to be totally serious and emo for a minute (unlike nutcheese, I do have a soul), I think the coolest part of this whole cheese video stuff is how all of a sudden all of us are doing something together for the benefit of common good (i.e., laughing our heads off at our “prank” while everybody else stands around and stares at us in disbelief). It was almost like being with my family. If every member of my family didn’t hate every other member of my family. And no guns were involved.

  7. Sukatra, don’t get all sensitive on us; it’s completely out of character for you.

    It was fun, though, wasn’t it?

    We should definitely do it again. This time, Mr. Nalty, don’t have a case of premature uploading.

  8. I don’t know. I felt a deep sense of meaning. Like I was helping change the world one piece of cheese at a time. Is that superficial? Damnit. Going to bed unfulfilled and depressed like the past 14,000 plus nights. Thanks, Sukatra.

  9. A couple of the neighbors “casually” dropped around, trying to figure out what I had been doing at my mailbox today. They wouldn’t believe me when I told them I was making a cheese video.

    Did you know that you can’t get the stink of burning plastic and smoke out of lead paint even with Clorox?

  10. Well Kevin, then I guess I changed the world more than you did, because it took 3 pieces of cheese for me to get the right take.

  11. Jesus Christ! Why does this week have to be the week that I don’t have any access to a camera? I would have used the 400 dollar one I just bought, and I even filmed it, but I later learned that a USB cord doesn’t transfer video, despite what those dicks at Best-Buy had told me. Guess who’s out 400 dollars because it’s too late to return it? ME!!!

    I hate being left out…

  12. i watched the naked cheese video about 200 times so far. its definitely your best vid so far. captivating…
    thanx for mentioning volunteer day! save august 2!

  13. A USB cord WILL transfer digital video off the camera’s internal memory card (if the video was taped to the card and not to the tape). On my MAC, the USB video goes straight to iPhoto storage. You’ll need a Firewire cord for the analog tape stuff, which I have to import from iMovie. It took me forever to find the secret Firewire connector on my ZR85.

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