Best Cheese Videos

You can touch the grey arrows to the right and left to advance to the next video if you have ADHD. The arrows vanish when you start watching a video, but they’re still there just like God when times are rough. You just can’t see them. Click on the right or left side of the video that’s playing- not the orange frame. Inside the image. Got it? Good.

This is the cheese playlist. Let me know if I missed your video. Below are the blog sites I’ve contacted so far about these important videos. Please spread the word. We must count on each other in solidarity.

Everyone should contact at least 3-4 blogs, and list them below. It’s okay to contact the same one twice. That will help them appreciate the urgency of our message. You can feel free to write your own message or try this: “Hi, (insert cheese blogger’s name here)! Look what we have for your very good blog! These are the best cheese videos on YouTube- all in once place. They are so very sure to please and so I send them to you.”

Feel free to leave (insert cheese blogger’s name here) in lieu of their name. It certainly would catch my attention. With luck, we’ll have a dozen cheese blogs link to this playlist, and then we’re off to the races.


40 Replies to “Best Cheese Videos”

  1. You’ve got mine in there twice. Plus christophermast’s is 10 minutes long! you might want to put that one at the end. otherwise, great job everybody!

  2. Hey Kevin I only see one video here. I don’t see a playlist of videos anywhere. It will be interesting to see how far this really goes.

  3. Ok so now I see how the player works, you actually have to have patience in order to watch them all. Us people with ADHD have no chance!

  4. My cheese video got burned in my room fire last night. Izzit to late to make another? I can’t have it up until later on this evening as I’ve got ashes to sweep, power chords to replace, new harddrive to buy, etc.

  5. Hope you’re kidding marquis. If not, you have my sympathies.

    Okay, I sent messages to the following three sites:

    the last guy is a cheese store in NYC.

    I generally had trouble sending these messages because I was unfamiliar with livejournal and blogspot’s method of creating posts to particular blogs. hope you guys are smarter than me!

    also, cheese underground (listed in kevin’s post) looks like a good choice because she’s got pictures throughout of a woman’s foot in a high heel standing on a block of cheese. She must might be weird enough to like our joke.

  6. Oh man…am I too late? I don’t want to miss out on a Nalts inside joke. That would make me feel uncool.

    I’m going to go film one right now, just in case.

  7. I’m still not following this whole Naked Cheese thing. It can only be a a result of dumb Sukatra.

    I’m thoroughly impressed my cream of dumb made it, however.

    Note: I thoroughly enjoy Sukatra. However, I think she is dumb. Hahahahahaha <3

  8. You’re not late, xj, Kevin got all excited and jumped the (starting) gun. Premature evideoization. But I’ve found my whey and my makeover (post life-threatening electrical fire) cheese video is compressing right now. In 41 minutes, I’m uploading.

  9. mdj got any onion? français de potage d’oignon!
    j/k sorry about the fire 🙁
    got to get that dog off the smoks!
    j/k sorry about the fire 🙁

    rest of you, register in the forum if you haven’t already

  10. Jenn,

    Only a person of severely limited intelligence and imagination would use the word “dumb” when there are so many more descriptive synonyms. Like brilliant.

  11. BSoN:
    Thank you for not including me in your Cream of Dumb video. It is completely understandable that NutCheese and sukatra were included, however.

  12. Marilyn,
    I think I like you far too much to ever put you in my Cream of Dumb.

    Bite me.

  13. You’r e never too late to participate in the cheese playlist. Going to see if there’s anyone else to add to the playlist. Folks, we’re in on the “ground floor” of something big. Bigger than Numa Numa.

  14. These videos make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because when they talk about cheese I feel like they are talking about me.

    Jenn’s video made me cray in my emo corner because she called me “dumb”. 🙁

  15. Have any of you actually watched ChristopherMast’s video all the way through? It’s 10 minutes of his poor dog with cheese on his nose waiting and praying for his master to allow him to eat it. I think we should all call the ASPCA on Mast.

  16. Jenn,

    I will be happy to fulfill your wish, although it does seem somewhat perverse. Just wait til Yotube. I’m gonna steel zipster’s teeth and chase you around with them.

  17. We used to make those loops in Fortran, Basic or Pascal in my computer classes at St Mary’s U. On Fridays, leaving the machine on with output to the library printer. Good for yuks. Also good for 3-day suspension if we got caught.

    But not THAT loop.

  18. this is pure art house! almost every genre has been covered – someone needs to make a cheesy documentary on the making of the cheese!

    Rhett Link you guy are traveling about, use the laptop cam?

  19. I have so much more envy and respect for you, learning Fortran (saying it out loud sounds like 4Chan) and Pascal, but Basic? unstructured Basic is incredibly easy, probably the best first programming language ever.

  20. You guys are so cruel. I can’t believe you would do that to poor mast.

    I flagged it for deviant sexual content.

  21. wow! that christophermast is sooo cute! with his big black nose and sweet widdle eyes and he sits so well! what a good doggie! strange name for a pet though.

  22. This is completely off the topic of cheese blogs but I couldn’t help but notice Zack Scott has the same floor that I do.

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