TheMightyThor1212 Not Alone at Boston YouTube Gathering

the guy who attends every youtube gathering

The YouTuber who has attended every YouTube gathering since 2002, TheMighyThor1212, was surprised to be joined by two other people at the weekend’s Boston YouTube gathering. Joe, aka MysteryGuitarMan, attended and took some photos. A Ben Franklin lookalike was the third attendee, although he said he planned to be at the venue before he was aware of a YouTube meetup.

“It was a fun time for all three of us,” said TheMightyThor1212, who requested his real name not be used. “I was stoked how much I had in common with the Ben Franklin guy. We both have glasses, opposable thumbs, and an uncanny appreciation for technology.”

Later that evening, MysteryGuitarMan returned home because he’s not allowed out past 10:30. TheMightyThor1212 and Ben Franklin guy went for some drinks at the Lighthouse Bar.

“It was a little weird because I came out of character after four Scotch and Cokes,” said David Scheyd, who earns $14 an hour playing Ben Franklin on weekends. “But that MightyThor dude never took off his shades or told me his real name. And he maintained he’s the son of the Elder Goddess Gaea, is the protector of Midgard, and has a natural affinity for Earth.”

Ben Franklin lookalike

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6 thoughts on “TheMightyThor1212 Not Alone at Boston YouTube Gathering”

  1. Didn’t know about the Boston meet-up. One of these days, I will attend one of these YT gatherings; but only if I can be sure that both Nalts and sukatra are going to be there.

  2. Ah, Ben Franklin guy seems fun, but once again, I could not attend this gathering. Worry not, though, because I will be able to be at the Philly Gathering in spirit…or at least over Pipistrello’s phone.

  3. couldn’t make the philly show. The beginning of July is a busy time for me, but let me know about the next show.
    And I am fun dammit

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