Naked Cheese (updated!)

Naked cheese video. See explanation below. This explanation will be deleted in 24 hours.

A PROFOUND apology to WillVideoForFood readers. The idea of a pure cheese video was spawned from this post about 3 rules of viral video. I got a “dare you to make a video about cheese” note from a regular WVFF contributor who wasn’t aware of the full thread (see it here)… which called for a coordinated cheese-only video campaign.

I was tickled by the simple challenge of posting a vide simply showing a piece of cheese being opened. But if there’s one thing funnier than a random video about cheese… it’s a bunch of them.

So although I’ve inadvertently jumped the gun on the campaign, we must continue this cause. It’s our duty. I could easily take this video down if people need more time. But it will only take a minute for you to upload your cheese video, and 99% of people won’t know about the time lag.

PLEASE? And post it below. This text will be deleted shortly.

36 Replies to “Naked Cheese (updated!)”

  1. A very nice experiment. Lets see the wide variety of responses you can conjure by making a 30 second video of a piece of cheese. Brilliant!

  2. I love the “thump” noise your fingers make as you lay it on the counter. Nalts, seriously…I’m scaring myself with this one!

    No “High Quality” option…shame on you! :o)

  3. Oh yeah, please do me a favor buddy…change your icon…I hate that damn pic! It gives me the creeps…I can’t even pan down on this damn blog right now!


  4. Hey buddy, you are totally stealing our thunder on our cheese prank. What is up with that??????

  5. I thought we decided the cheese videos would go up NEXT Saturday; you trying to get a jump on all of us Nalts? Can’t you let your blog-lets have their own moment in the sun?

  6. I can’t wait til marquis sees this. I hope he bites you in the butt. Literally.

    Hope you got your tetanus shot!

  7. Oh this is making me crazy. No practical jokes unless I’m IN on them. BTW- Jason. Will change the face. It freaks me out too. It got 100K views, though, so something’s magical about it. The high quality option doesn’t appear until the video has been up for a while.

  8. I think the idea was for everyone to post at or about the same time. I just threw something up. I thought everyone would scramble to do something since Nalts let the cat out of the bag. Ooops. Guess not. Funny thing is I only go 18 hits and 0 stars so far. Serves me right.

  9. Wait a minute, wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE! What is going on here!?! I don’t understand any of this cheese business! How did Nalts get pwned? Should I upload some cheese? I need some answers around here!!!

  10. Nalts, why won’t my blog links comment post? I’ll try it this way:
    curdnerds dot com/
    bigcheesestories dot blogspot dot com/
    saxelbycheese dot blogspot dot com/
    http://www.wisconsindairyartisan dot com/blog dot html
    cheeseunderground dot blogspot dot com/
    cheese-mistress dot livejournal dot com/

  11. Peau de soie prêt-à-porter, fromage par excellence! I just wrote a lengthy letter to the Jurie Caan Festival de film and asked them to consider all these petit-cheez-its for the Palme d’Or! They replied immediately to my request and asked if there might also be a little whine with the cheese…

    btw, what the hell is a pizzle sore feltch and what does it do?
    do I even want to know?

  12. my video is not showing up in anybody’s related videos. But perhaps that’s because I named it “Banana Hammock.”

  13. I want to make a cheese video (considering I live in Wisconsin) and be part of the group, but I seem to be in the middle of a terrible case of creator’s block.

    We’ll see though.

  14. Are we stil gonna send all these videos to one of the cheese bloggers marilyn found? Nalts, it won’t work unless you do it too.

  15. This whole thing begs the question. Is the “Cheese Series” actually stealth marketing for WVFF? Just a foggy headed morning thought.

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