21 Replies to “Why Do I Put So Much Effort Into This Stupid Blog?”

  1. You’re right, Kevin. You should just create an e-mail list for the regulars. Then you could curse more and not have to worry about your mama finding you on Google searches.

  2. I use Swamii it only searches the latest items and keeps a list of your interests, but you have to log into it.

  3. Don’t worry Kevin. I curse enough for both of us.

    I was gonna say “for the both of us” but then I felt the spelling nazi coming up behind me, ready to transform herself into the grammar nazi.

  4. Nalts, at least people actually READ your blog. I have no idea why I started one, and why I continue to do one. Ten posts, and only 341 views to all of them combined! WHY DO I TRY SO HARD!?!??!

  5. I read it everyday! You are brilliant and i enjoy learning from you.
    keep it up Nalts, or just do what you want.. I’ll appreciate whatever you do or I’ll just ignore it.
    ~Michelle aka kiten2cat12345

  6. You know we love you, Nalts. What would all your regulars do if you didn’t have this blog? We’d have to go back to our real lives, which aren’t nearly interesting enough.

  7. You put so much time into this blog because you’ve been putting less time into new videos. And that’s probably a good thing. Since this message is 4 days old, I’m pretty sure you’ll never read it. Happy First of July.

  8. Hey, MDJ, how ah ya. I had an MRI today, and with any luck I’ll be seen at Mayo Clinic by the end of the month. CHEESE!

  9. This blog has been a reference point for me since I started producing online videos almost 2 years ago, It has been invaluable to me and I thank and honor you,

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