By 2013 You’ll Sleep Less Than You’ll Watch Video

You hard core WVFF readers already spend more time watching videos than you sleep. But now you’ll be pleased to know that the rest of the world will catch up by 2103. eMarketer reports that a Multiplatform Video Report by Solutions Research Group study suggest we’ll be consuming more than 8 hours of video (via television, web and other channels) a day.

How much time men and women spend watching video

The study says we’re consuming about 6 hours of video today (with females leading by a distance on television). While the ratio of TV to online-video is 60/10 or 70/10, that’s obviously skewed by our passive/active state across these mediums (leaning forward versus leaning back or simply walking around while the television plays in the background like the calming sound of a morning brook).

By 2013 we’ll watch video for more than 8 hours a day. Ironic that this news breaks about the same time that a sleep study shows the benefit of sleeping at work. Hmmm…

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  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

    So much more fun to do that here since there’s no thumbs down thingie.

  2. I lied. Oddly enough, I must be in the minority, because I really don’t spend that much time watching videos anymore. I only have 71 subscriptions, so I never get inundated with videos, and I only have about 4 people who I will watch immediately if a video from them pops up.

    And I don’t video surf here either, unlike so many people I know. I used to look at the most viewed, highest rated, etc., but I haven’t done that for a while. The big thing now is this stumble thing, which I have yet to figure out; maybe I would do more surfing if I understood it.

    If someone sends me a link I’ll watch it, or if there is some drama that I discover, then I will go back and reconstruct it watching other videos because I so enjoy the stupid stuff people will say back and forth to each other. And of course I read all the comments on the videos I watch (unless there are more than about 250; then it’s just not worth the time). But my major source of entertainment (and I use that word loosely) is still the television. And vicodin, when I can score it. Anybody got any?

  3. there is a mistake in this:
    By 2013 You’ll Sleep Less Than You’ll Watch Video
    rest of the world will catch up by 2103

    which one is it?

  4. Nalts, I usually get my sleep in while watching your videos. Seems to have worked for me this far! After the quick snooze I usually bounce back and automatically hit 5 starts and use my default comments such as “Way to go Charlie! Very funny!” or “LOL! LOL! Jo your teeth are so white!” :o)

    I agree with sukatra…I used to get all into it, now I just get excited about a few people.

    The scary thing is sometimes I don’t even feel like commenting anymore…maybe I need a break.

  5. does “video” include porn? Because in that case, the statistic of “8 hours consumed” is probably WAY off for some people. No, I’m not one of them…

  6. I’m with NutCheese. 8 hours on my own videos, then I use the other 16 to take pictures of myself and photoshop out all imperfections (i.e. put my head on bodybuilders) to send to Victoria’s Secret models.

  7. This report is SO skewed! There will be no 2013! The world ends in 2012! Silly researchers!

    Congrats, BTW, on making number 8 on the Tubemogul top 40 chart. Wow! You beat out CBS, HBO and Rocketboom for viewership. Sheeeeit, you’re a whole industry.

  8. peter you better watch yourself! you’re not supposed funnier than the host.

    mdj – I already toldja we are off by 5 years it’s 2013 NOW! think about it, makes sense. But, it’s true I am a laggard cause I didn’t even see that chart. CONGRATS Nalts!, I don’t know who any of those other people are in front of you so in my book that makes you #1! though, you are edging up against mydamnchannel, watch out, cause donnie’s back! think it’s time for a response video request? been forever since you did one of those, after all it is summer.

  9. Oh man, i never heard of pablo kickasso before but I sure hope he starts commenting on this blog more often. Awesome comment!

  10. I also watch less than I used to. I always watch Kevin’s videos as soon as they appear on my subscription list (although I HATE the new format), and a few others as well. Hardly ever look at the featured, most viewed, etc. any more.

    BTW, I guess I do have a life, since I haven’t commented here in a couple of days. Wednesday I chaperoned the 8th grade field trip to Six Flags New England and Thursday was 8th grade promotion in the morning and the end-of-the-year teachers’ party in the afternoon (and evening). Today I spent most of the day recuperating. Good news [or bad news :)] is, summer is here and I will be able to comment here every day!

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