10 Famous People That Are Less Popular Than Me (Nalts)

In a move so brilliantly self promotional that I myself am in awe, TubeMogul ranked the top 40 most-viewed users. This is a delicious marketing tactic because (a) we popularity whores cannot resist bragging rights on this, and (b) if you want to pull a “whose your daddy” on me, you have to use TubeMogul. Now I’ve been a TubeMogul fan before TubeMogul existed. I was spending hours a day uploading to multiple sites, and hating every second of it. When my YouTube views took off, I stopped uploading routinely to the wealth of other sites that got paltry views but provide access to long-tail viewing. TubeMogul solves this for me. If I get no views on yourstupidvideosite.com, at least I don’t have to manually upload or confront that sad fact daily.

So here’s the list of famous people that aren’t yet as popular as me. Wowza.

  1. HBOTubemogul nalts
  2. Rocketboom
  3. CBS Interactive
  4. National Lampoon
  5. PBS
  6. Billboard.com
  7. Warner Bros
  8. Fox
  9. Nike
  10. Sony Pictures

I boast playfully about my popularity in this video (which also addresses recent allegations that I abuse animals for video entertainment). Mind you that TubeMogul is measuring creator stats  based on videos that flow to YouTube and other popular sites via Tubemogul’s upload tool (which captures downstream data as well). The larger media properties have two arms tied behind their back on this ranking.. First, they may choose to upload directly to some sites and circumvent Tubemogul.com. Second, many of them are selective about distribution. Does HBO want to provide content to a website that is a potential competitor and doesn’t share advertising revenue?

Interesting stuff, and the ego role I play in this video is really just a mask worn by a child who fears for the end of a nice era.. one where amateurs with low production costs can, even for a moment, rival larger media plays.

P.S. This post was edited this morning once Ambien wore off. You really shouldn’t blog on Ambien.

Nalts discusses animal abuse and Tubemogul

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  1. You know I have a sleep problem, right? Well, I’ve been watching this show in the middle of the night that’s on Animal Planet called Houston SPCA where they investigate animal cruelty. And these animal cops that have real badges and uniforms and lights on top of their trucks and all are always going out to people’s houses and saying “hey you didn’t feed you dog enough” or “hey those turtles are not toys for you to play with” or “hey throwing frogs is not really a very nice thing for you to do” or “hey you shouldn’t be using hamsters as sex toys” and then putting cuffs on the dudes doing that shit, and then those poor suckers have to go spend the night in jail, where of course they get assraped, and then the next day the animal cops come in and say “hah, not so much fun when you’re the one being tortured, is it?”

    So I guess what I’m saying is, send me a million dollars pronto or I’m sending this video to the ASPCA.

  2. Oh, NO YOU DIDN’T bring up the past!

    All this while PETA is taking on Wibledon for the piqeon killings! You’re in for a hurtin’ friend!

    I got your back bud…I just tore up a BIG ‘ol juicy Whataburger about 30 min ago! MMMM, MMmm, good! :o)

  3. Oh my God I just read the newteevee article where that guy calls you a buffoon. Now that’s funny.

  4. Well one of the guys who is ranked higher than you on Tubemogul, Chris Pirillo, has 1401 videos on YouTube, averaging around 1,000 views per. I don’t get it. Help me with my math. 1401 x 1000 = 1,401,000. You get that on one video. What’s the deal? I know he’s not killin’ on Revver. Where’s he at that he’s number 2 on Tubemogul?

  5. Sukatra- you had me at ass rape. Call them. Marquis- good question. I’m wondering if it’s cummulative and whether Chris has some alternative site on which he’s king? I’m also puzzled because many of my videos I upload directly to YouTube without TubeMogul because (like the one above) they’re only going to make sense to YouTube viewers. Do those views count, and if so can it allow me to trump iJustine? I want to trump iJustine. I also want to be more popular than her.

  6. I don’t think Tubemogul counts views on videos not uploaded there. Tubemogul gives me credit for having 1,336,601 YouTube views, but YouTube sez it’s 1,343,793 (I’ve deleted about 250 videos (and their views) off of YT over the years–that’s at least another 500 views not counted).

  7. I don’t even bother is with Tubemogul. If I upload my videos anywhere else but Youtube, I only get comments like “Ur gaye ill kick ur ass lulxzs”, or “hay cutie this is jdo”. Mostly I don’t even know what they mean, ESPECIALLY on Break.com. Anyway, congrats there, Nalts!

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  9. I live in upstate New York. There is a town near here that some of you may have heard of called “Fishkill”. NY was predominately settled by the Dutch and “kill” is Dutch for creek. There is a creek in my backyard called the Saltkill. There are mountains south of here called the Catskills.

    I say all of this so you can fully comprehend how idiotic PETA is. Some years ago they tried o convince the town of Fishkill to change their name so that it was not so anti-animal. I am not making this up. They wanted the town to change their name to “Fishsave”.

    To prove I speak the truth, click here:

    PETA is a ridiculous outfit and should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. 🙂 Whoever is commenting here using my screenname is writing with more lucidity than I write so keep it up….but link to my Youtube main channel page please, I can’t here.

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