7 Replies to “35 Ways to Ditch Cable and Satellite Bills”

  1. Interesting. Onling TV watchin services leave a bit to be desired, hopefully as the tech progresses things will get better.

    PS – Anyone going to YOTube on the 12th of July?

  2. I have reverted to using TV as a respite from youtube and other stuff on my computer. So the last thing I want to do is sit in my uncomfortably hot office watching TV shows when I can watch them in my nice and cool living room.

  3. There is also
    I want to get myself one of these.
    I am going to the 888 gathering in Toronto, and I will be in the Philadelphia area circa August 12 I am going to call this gathering of one as the YoYo tube.

  4. There is porn on something other than the internets? Oh Nutcheese you have one of those big screen computer monitors don’t you?

    The only thing I pay a cable bill for is to continue my internet connection and to keep my wife entertained while I continue my internet connection. Wait! No what I meant was so I can continue to research sexual techniques t…..no wait (sigh) nevermind.

  5. Haven’t had cable or satellite for over 30 years. I wish the cable companies would allow you to purchase channels a la carte for a nominal fee (say $1.00 each), so you could buy only those channels that you would actually watch. I don’t see that ever happening, however.

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