Yahoo Answers Helps Your Google Rankings

yahoo answers helps google rankingWhen I first discovered Yahoo! Answers, I rolled my eyes. Another futile attempt to facilitate the “knowledge sharing,” which historically provides lots of value for the recipient but little motivation for the subject-matter expert. It’s been the age-old problem of knowledge management within corporations, and part of the reason that Epinions and other companies have floundered. The stop gap was supposed to be some software that read your e-mails and documents and used keywords to identify you as an expert on a topic for peers (yeah- you’d love your co-workers to find you ranked number one for porn wisdom).

Yahoo! Answers has a whole point system, but they’re not exactly exchangeable for food stamps or beer. It struck me at first like an ego tool with little benefit to those of us that are packed full of wisdom and answers. Heh.

Then I discovered a secret to Yahoo! Answers. It’s an honest Google search-engine cheat. In other words, it can get you ranked highly on search results for a particular area. I can’t tell you how many times in the past months that my Google search has led me to information on Yahoo! Answers. And my WillVideoForFood referral sources show that people are coming to this blog via Yahoo Answers more and more… because people are using me as a source to answer online-video questions.

So now, as a Google ranking whore, I’m having fun answering random questions about online video. Here’s a YouTube section. Go ahead and post a question, folks.

The Viral Video Genius shall answer you. He wants not points or praise. He simply wants to be noticed by Mother Google, the Orb of All Knowledge. To feel the warmth of Her approving gaze. For if you find Nalts via Her gentle direction, then he does indeed exist.

Note: It’s nearly impossible to find other good sources to verify this technique because searches for Yahoo! Answers and Google Ranking are swarmed with other information. But watch your Google results when you ask a question, and you’ll start noticing Yahoo! Answers ranking well.

P.S. I spell checked this, you neurotic freaks.

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  1. As soon as I become on expert on something…anything, anything at all, I’ll start pimping this honest Google search-engine cheat like you’re doing in this post.

  2. yahoo’s hate for Bill Gates got the better of them and now yahoo is dating google. Who would have thunk!? clickclick

    I did notice that my google searches were coming up yahoo and what I noticed more so on this new yahoo answer feature was some of the strangest answers to questions that were pert near confidential. I’m sure yahoo will apologize and fix this soon enough, after they get a couple more million users, but for now it’s also a test cheaters paradise.

    Needless to say, Yahoo and Google getting all snuggly is worrisome for lovers of free speech and net neutrality, keeping competition in this case is a very good idea, but I suspect those in charge aren’t watching,after all the internet is just a series of tubes and full of terrorists.

  3. Urban dictionary dot com does kind of the same thing, where people define slang and then get a thumbs up or down on their definition. That’s where i found out what donut bumpers are. I never heard that term before yesterday and I don’t want to know how you heard it.

  4. Hi! Guess what? I’m getting awarded tenure tonight!!! I am so excited! Now they can’t fire me unless I molest a kid (which, I assure you, I have NO intention of doing).

    That’s what rocks my world, Kevin, not my Google status. But then I have a very small world and you are the king of online media. I bow to you and your Google ranking.

  5. My goodness, if only you people knew me in person. I am the quintessential bitch behind the keyboard, milquetoast in person. In fact, I spend a great deal of time cowering in the corner. Even when I’m alone.

    So suck it marilyn!!!!!!

  6. It’s ironic that you post about Y! Answers because I find that your blog is similar to what it you are saying. To this day I’m still not sure what value “W.V.F.F.” brings, so what authority do you have to talk about Y! answers. Your site is the VERY same victim of what you said: ” an ego tool with little benefit to those of us that are packed full of wisdom and answers.”. I.e. just because you make silly videos of yourself and family doesn’t make you an expert….regardless of your ONLY metric which is You Tube.

  7. I’ve seen your type of shallow little dickless turd-rollers before, alexander. Over and over and over again online. You build up little fiefdoms in little corners of the web, begin thinking of yourselves of masters of the universe and then snap ignorantly at anyone who strolls by, like a little yappy dog who only yaps from behind the safety of a barred window. Y! Answers is such an inconsequentially minuscule part of the real world that I can’t spend any more time on your pubescent insult to one of the true masters of the online experience. Learn to read English better. It’ll serve your world conquest hallucinations.

  8. Ay yi yi Alexander…*sigh* lol

    When did Nalts ever claim to be an expert (and be serious about it) and why do you say that Youtube is his only metric? Do a “Nalts” search using and Metacafe should pop up first. He’s earned a few thousand dollars from that site alone…I bet that’s more than you’ve ever made making online videos and in my eyes makes him more of an expert than the average. Oh, and the last time I checked he has 38k+ subscribers on youtube…he must be doing something right.

    I just don’t have the energy to rebut right now, nor do I think it would make a difference…what marquisdejolie said!

    Maybe I should have taken “you make silly videos of yourself and family” as a compliment. hehe

    Oh yeah Nalts, if self-depricating Kevin comes out to play I’m going to get one of those Westboro Baptist church fellars to beat him up! :o)

  9. splim babies are de.lic.ious!

    alexander seems to have a reputation on the net for saying a whole lot of nothing. al baby If you’re gonna mosey on over to a blog and insult the host and all his readers it’s best to take the pipe out of your arse first. the upshot of alexander, like most haters are, they increase your stats numbers.

    good job al!

  10. sukatra: I am sure you are as sweet as pis at home; how else to explain Hank’s sweetness (although, come to think of it, he DID call Nalts a tool!), but boy do you like to spew the venom here. Now, don’t get me wrong; we love you for it. I’m just saying…

    Alexander: YOU are the tool. Nalts rules. End of discussion.

  11. sukatra: I just noticed I had a typo in my post. I meant to say that you were sweet as PIE at home, not as sweet as PIS. Big difference.

    And perhaps “spew the venom” was a poor choice of words. “Curse like a sailor” might have been better.

    You know I love you, sukatra!!!

  12. Thank you marilyn.

    I keep coming back to this blog in the vain hope that there will be something new posted, just as I fervently pray for a new nalts video, all to no avail.

    My life is meaningless. I think I’ll go cut myself with plastic silverware. That counts, doesn’t it?

  13. an upgrade on the blog is in process so there will be a few interruptions and little to no posting, probably – no one wants to lose one precious word here. So have patience and read each others blogs and watch each other’s videos, support your other willvideoforfoodian 🙂

    If all goes well, this process will be complete within the next 24 hours – (fingers crossed)

    In the mean time, have a summertime treat or beverage [click]

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