What is Social Media?

nalts social media 60 second marketerI met the Marketing Diva (Toby Bloomberg) at a Cox Communications event. She pulled out her Flip cam and asked me to define social media. So I gave her a quick answer. Then along comes “The 60 Second Marketer” and packages this spontaneous clip into the following video called “What is Social Media.” Suddenly, my “pull it out the bum” verbal exposition looks rather comprehensive and definitive.

Let’s explore what makes this clip so trustworthy:

  • Logo at the beginning
  • Cool voice over
  • Simple delivery
  • Sponsored content
  • Nice look/feel

I think the next time I decide to represent my random opinion as fact, I’m going to proceed and follow it with Slater doing a deep, rich voiceover that summarizes it.

14 Replies to “What is Social Media?”

  1. “Author of the popular blog ‘willvideoforfood.com”??

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Boy, that dude sure has a hell of a sense of humor!

  2. Deep voice=soothing, trustful. I believe everything he says.
    nalts voice= whiney, complaining. I want to break out laughing.

    Must ..do..what..deep voice says. Help me…

  3. Ooooooh goody bag, I want one…what was in them? Conference room, squeaky chair, paper scroll…I feel like I’m at work…btw, what did u say in the clip? :o)

  4. That was great! Except for the 60 second lead in to the video… Ha ha… I think that took 60 seconds… No really, it was fun to see you packaged like that. I also like how the voice over repeats what you said at the end.

    Deep Voice: “it was fun to see you packaged like that”

  5. I thought the #1 rules in any media was, get the guys name right and how do I get one of those goodie bags?

    As for the condition of social media, “Just The Facts” cough, cough [click]

  6. I thought social media was where they put a tattooed twentysomething in charge of a video hosting site’s public relations (trying to be young and ‘hip’) so that the twentysomething could further her atheist agenda as the site slipped into oblivion. No?

  7. Whenever I hear or read the words “social media”, I get a picture in my head of two dogs smelling each other’s butt hole. I can’t help it. Therefore I avoid social media as I am uncomfortable with someone’s nose nuzzling my poopy place.

  8. This really sucks, not being able to read and comment on this blog until I get home from work. I was going to make the same comment sukatra made (“popular” blog?!), but, once again, she beat me to it. Sigh.

    The squeaky chair was distracting, as was the goody bag.

    I hate being late to the party.

  9. mdj – I hate to break it to ya, but responding to this blog is considered partaking in social media and trust me, no one here has their nose to your backside.

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