God Hates Gays, Say Baptists (video proof)

god hates nutcheeseHere’s an AP story on Yahoo! Video that shows some footage from a recent rally against gay marriage. Seems some hardcore Baptists felt compelled to remind homosexuals that God hates them. In this screen shot, we see infamous YouTuber “NutCheese” capturing the drama. And here’s her video, titled “God Hates Fags.”

Don’t tell Him I said this, but God can be so two faced. He keeps telling people “I love sinners but despise sin.” But then He has a few drinks with his friends from the Westboro Baptist Church, and he’s all, like, “Guys- don’t make billboards about this or anything, but between us… I totally hate fags. They suck.”

The folks from the Westboro Baptist Church even invited their young teenagers, who clearly will become donut bumpers in college just to spite their parents. To see a nice parody of the Westboro’s, check out this parody- a meat-eater protest. Apparently the Pepto Bismol commercial was a laundry list of God’s wrath.

Westboro Baptist Church

I think this picture best explains my reaction to this protest.

rabbit with pancake on head

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  1. That’s Nutcheese, who is — despite myths — a girl. Fortunately, God doesn’t realize that. So He doesn’t hate her yet.

  2. Ask zipster what a pancake is. That will make the bunny picture even funnier than it is now.

  3. I mean, in all clips featuring Nutcheese, you NEVER see her bottom half. Does she HAVE a bottom half? Crap, I’m gonna get booted out of her Stickam room like you did for this.

  4. thanks Z-Lot this was very informative! I suspect this will all come to a head fairly soon; since the RIAA won a $220,000 case against some single mom living in poverty they can’t get enough blood to quench their thirst.

    People need to hop on this issue right quick because the lawyers can’t stop themselves, it’s going to be quite an orgie and ya know it’s got to be really bad when Greg Solomon offers a hand up to Renetto in solidarity.

    for the latest RIAA sleeze – clickclick

    ever wondered what real power looks like? check out the BOD on the AP – you may not recognize all the names, but the companies they represent are incestuously intertwined financially. for all intents and purposes, the US is really a private corporation now. Bush has actually done more damage to this country than most people can imagine.

  5. Nutcheese has no legs like my toes froze off in a bad winter storm. Remember that one Kev? LOL

  6. That one bitch in this video (You know the one) sounded like a foghorn. She made me want to punch a very old tree. Long Live NUTCHEESE!

  7. lol @ Diana

    I love how NutCheese tried to get her to say ‘NutCheese Rocks’

    How do you get the day off work for something like that? Well boss, I can’t come to work today because god told me I have to go and protest cause he hates fags. Unfortunate proof that ignorance simply breeds ignorance.

  8. Did we look at the same video, Matt? Looked to me like the Fags Hating God folks outnumbered the God Hates Fags folks ten to one. How did THEY get off work? Well boss, I can’t come to work today because I heard there were gonna be god people and breeders down at the courthouse and us fags gotta nip that shit in the bud. Unfortunate proof that hatred begets hatred. I don’t care for the Baptists but neither do I think their taunters (like the dudes dressed as nuns) stroll the high moral ground.

    Now bend over and squeal like a pig for me. (I put that part in for Kevin whose people come from N’Orlins)

  9. “Now bend over and squeal like a pig for me.”

    You said that for NALTS?? I’m the one who brought it up yesterday! I can’t believe you didn’t say something sweet like that for me too.

  10. It was you I was trying to attract, Sukatra, since you seemed — from yesterday — to be into pig sex. Now that I have your attention: didja ever dance by the pale moon light with a fat, wheezy celibate?

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