Robbery Victim to Post Live Hostage Video Via iPhone

Remember I predicted that we’d see live news via amateur cameras in 2007? Imagine the next bank robbery where you get to watch along? Maybe there will be an interactive chat so you can give the hostages survival suggestions, and tell them they suck and are gay.

Grant, I was a bit early on that bank robbery prediction, but that’s because I’m cursed with remarkable foresight. And now you can host live streaming video via your stupid iPhone (see Steve Garfield’s demo). So the next time you’re watching a newsworthy event break, just turn on that iPhone. And don’t forget the rubber band. And the Nokia N95. And be sure someone else is watching. Bring Steve Garfield along too. He’ll help you through the technology, and even give you ideas how to clean blood off the marked bills you swipe, cope with post-traumatic shock, and reduce the swelling on your gun-smacked head.

Hey, Garfield. Can you do a tutorial on how to get my stupid iTouch thing to raise its volume? You should have seen me driving home Friday desperately trying to figure out where Mac hid the volume control on that bastard. Googling via the Blackberry, and finding nothing. [Editorial Note: found the answer in Yahoo Answers, which is incredibly well optimized on Google. Great idea, Mac. Let’s make the volume look like a time bar for the track].

6 Replies to “Robbery Victim to Post Live Hostage Video Via iPhone”

  1. The rubber band? What did I miss? I didn’t watch the whole garfield video because a) he was annoying and b) this time I’m REALLY going back to bed.

    I’m phoning in a live iphone robbery on this here blog, so empty your pockets and put the mon…, WAIT! forget your shrinking US dollars, just give me the iphones!

    can you see me, can you see me now?
    actually I own an Inothing

  3. sukatra: If you watch the whole video, you’ll understand.

    BTW: cute video with Hank for Father’s Day. He sure is a cutie pie!

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