Your a Fag

The ultimate video comment. Not “you’re a fag.” It’s “your a fag.”

By Kirby Ferguson of The Goodie Bag, it’s called “The Fag Bomb.” On YouTube as “The Accident Factor.”


These stupid embeds never work. WordPress: I’m not your friend anymore. You’re not invited to my birthday party.

Author: Nalts

Hi. I'm Nalts.

13 thoughts on “Your a Fag”

  1. This medium of entertainment blog contains the upmost aura of homosexual tendencies I’ve ever encountered. The stench of it engulfs the virtual room!

  2. Oh god do I get that a lot. I also get “dats gay goa dye” alot, too. Ooh, and I also get “sdkjfhfdkjghfkdj” very often. I must say that I prefer “sdkjfhfdkjghfkdj”, though.

  3. When a read the title on my rss feed, I thought, why does nalts think I’m a fag? He doesn’t even know me. LOL. I’m gullible. 😉

  4. I would call marilyn a fag but I don’t believe in homophobic slurs. They’re just rude.

  5. Yes, embedding a video in WordPress is difficult. I have a topic in my notes on it. You need to turn off the fancy editor. Go to the Options tab, click the Writing sub tab, and uncheck “Users should use the visual rich editor by default”. Then just paste the embed code into the message post without the object tag.

    You should also check out Windows Live Writer which is an awesome blog writing tool that supports WordPress. It may have a plug-in for embedding videos.

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