12 Replies to “Okotanpe And His Flying Glass Ball Thing”

  1. That’s nothing! I can do that with my old school pair of chinese meditation balls sucka!

    Marilyn can’t pooooost! She’s at woooork! Na, na, na, na, noo, noo!
    Hop yur having a fun tyme at wurk gurlfrend! :o)

  2. Sukatra- I originally head it was Marilyn that was managing Michael Buckley’s comments and mail, but that’s just a rumor. Apparently it’s a highschool kid, and he’s totally abused.

  3. jason, how do you know that marilyn can’t pooooooo? that’s kind of personal information, isn’t it?

    Oh, sorry. it’s “pooooooost.”

    I like mine better.

  4. Hey Nalts how a colab of all of us tossing that glass ball around? And then some idiot drops it on the steps of the House of Commons in Ottawa! Great Idea, eh?

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