Instructions for YouTube Branded Channel (pdf)

Hey, look what I found while Google searching for specifications to create YouTube channel banners (not the paid banner ads, but the branded banners that appear on the top of customized brand channels or partner homepages).

A lot of this applies only to “branded channels,” but it’s still more informative than the meager YouTube help section.

Not sure if this was a fluke or if it’s supposed to be public… Hey, YouTube/Google. You want these pulled down and I’ll do it. A Google t-shirt would expedite this request to our level 1 web support.


YouTube Channel Specifications Help

Here’s one for running contests:


youtube contests instructions

15 Replies to “Instructions for YouTube Branded Channel (pdf)”

  1. What is a branded banner? Is that the banner you have above the description of your videos? Both of these documents are dated fairly recently, so maybe that’s why you just found them.

    BTW, Jo is a crappy actress. And you’re better.

  2. OK, I can’t stand it. You have to know I typed that “your” on purpose. Don’t want you thinking I’ve lost my spelling Nazi tendencies.

  3. nalts, you flunked your test. now get your butt into stickam because it’s extremely boring in there tonight and I need some amusement. I feel like abusing you live instead of through this crappy blog or your crappy videos.

  4. I don’t really understand this, so I’ll just wait to be in the partner’s program.

    (By saying this, Reubnick is implying that he doesn’t really care about getting a banner, and isn’t expecting one)

  5. I can’t tell you how I found staging of bob; mostly because I don’t remember. Did you put the tag “nalts” on one of them? Because that’s most likely how I found the first one, then I subscribed because I don’t want to miss any of your delightful nuggets.

    Why would you pull them down? I think I’m the only one watching.

    And you corrected the “your” in my post to “you’re” so people think I’m crazy.

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