Doritos Consumer Generated Ad

doritos tea bag kickStop motion triumphs in a Doritos CGA ad contest. It’s called “Doritos Tribe” and I can’t figure out how they got the Doritos to stand up. I kinda like this “Screen Test” entry better because the guy seems so likable and it surprised me. Of course the 2007 checkout girl still takes the crunch.

Hey- how come nobody asks me to judge these things? I’d be the best damn CGA advertisement judge EVAH. Marketing background and I know what separates viral from cheese… dip.

6 Replies to “Doritos Consumer Generated Ad”

  1. I like the second one because it was such a surprise, although there seemed to be something wrong with the audio. Also, I heard marilyn wears a patch over one eye and only has 7 teeth in her mouth.

  2. LOL Nalts, that’s actually the first thing that came to mind was “wtf” when I saw the Doritos bag, but I forgot to mention it. That one guy’s foot looks like the other guy’s peter… YOUR A FAG!!!!

  3. I am NOT Zack Scott. That’s Scoot, not Scoot. And I did wear an eye patch once, sukatra; several years ago. How did you know?

    But II have more than 7 teeth. I have 8.

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