Swear Jar by BudTV Viral-Only Campaign

The Swear Jar is a campaign by BudTV.

According to AP Business writer Jim Salter, this “Swear Jar” video is part of a “fast-growing growing trend, now increasingly embraced by beer makers and other mainstream marketers.”

  1. Known as viral ads, such Web-only spots have become YouTube staples and show up in social networking pages, get e-mailed between friends and co-workers, though whether they generate sales remains an open question.
  2. Viral ads have the freedom to run as long or short as they want – no 30- or 60-second constraints.
  3. They can cross boundaries even cable TV respects, and they focus on entertainment as much selling the product.
  4. Some are shot – or made to look like they’re shot – with hand-held cameras, just like the most of the rest of the videos in those Web venues.
  5. Viral marketing has been around for more than a decade, but viral video ads have grown in popularity as it has become easier to watch and share video on the Web and video-sharing sites like YouTube have grown.

This post is for those of you dumb m&thr f*rs that have only been looking at the pictures on WillVideoForFood for the past 2 years ,and needed to play catchup. Thanks, Marilyn, for this post. It’s about time you carried some of your own weight on this blog.

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  1. You’re welcome.

    Do you stay up all night writing posts? I get to work at 7:45 and there are 3 more posts than there were when I went to bed last night! You are a machine, Kevin!

  2. I have a real problem with the idea of a swear jar, particularly because it would probably be only me contributing to it. And I don’t like beer.

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