Putting the Kul Back in Ukulele

guacamole ukuleleAs you know, my family and I became instantly obsessed with this “Guacamole Ukulele” song (per this post last week when I discovered it). Jaharp1992, the creator of the Nalts ukulele intro song, helped prime this fascination.

Turns out, the performers are Lauren and Lena, who were on a Wizard Rock tour performing as Accio Bodyguard (the name, as well as some of the lyrics of this earworm ukulele song, are Harry Potter references). Yesterday the duo was on route from Maryland to Lauren‘s home in NJ, and FallofAutumnDistro helped us convince them to stop by our home for a live concert. We shot this music video after stuffing ourselves with Ruby Tuesday’s guacamole.

Lena spontaniously wrote this intro theme for my wife (wifeofnalts) and the duo played it for us (while Jo peeks from behind the tree in what I’d call a classic “Joey” moment). Now we just have to pick the best wifeofnalts logo (courtesy of Gage from cosmic-flightcom). Whatya think?

wifeofnalts logos

20 Replies to “Putting the Kul Back in Ukulele”

  1. Here they are, coming off of an exhausting trip, detouring to do you a favor and sing for your kids, and you make them perform outside while the heat index is a million degrees. You are such a pal.

  2. I think he just created the first MTV ukulele rock music video.
    Not since Berle Ives and Don Ho has American been so captivated by the ukulele!

    hey mdj [click]

  3. I liked the different angles you used in this video…and when WoN is driving the car it looks very 1980 music video-ish.


  4. Jo actually likes the one that looks like mine. I kinda like the “loves you” one or the American Idol one. Think Simon would mind?

  5. That’s funny. I don’t see one on there that says “wifeofnalts loves you”. I do see one that says “wifeofnalts is a long-suffering saint”.

  6. I realized today that Wifeofnalts reminds me a lot of the mom from that movie “the Incredibles.” Especially becuase Nalts has super strength.

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