SxePhil Return Lottery

Well, one of the most viewed and highest rated YouTube creators, SxePhil, announced 7 hours ago that he’s leaving YouTube. And the the video has already received thousands of comments and jetted right to the top of the “highest rated” videos du jour.
What’s your guess on how long before he’s reengergized and back on? I’m guessing June 17 or sooner. Like maybe when he gets back from Hawaii with ShayCarl and their gals. Saying you’re leaving YouTube is one thing, but staying off is another. Just ask Renetto. He’s quit YouTuber more times than Linsey Lohan has quit drugs. But Renetto, who once a staple of any article about YouTube, has been quiet lately. Few videos, and each garnering far fewer views than he once had.SxePhil is in his prime. A popular show, a strong income, and rabid fan base. So what’s motivating him, assuming it’s not a publicity stunt? Is he joining Renetto’s bandwagon and jumping to RenettoTube? Is he just finding the view from the top less interesting than the climb up? Or maybe he’s frustrated by the lack of InVid ads, which were once the lifeblood of revenue.

The InVideo ads have gone down quietly without near the noise I would have expected. I suppose most creators don’t understand that their May pay period is going to be quite poor since the display ads surrounding videos are not much better than Google Adsense on a blog. InVideo ads were a healthy $20 CPM.

Some very interesting comments here, and it’s clear that SxePhil is a controversial item. Funniest quote from Marquisdejolie: “SxePhil needs to head out to the beach and find his inner silence and bless the rest of us with it.”

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  1. Uhhh, obviously you didn’t see my “Second” entry on “You’re funnier than me” blog. Where I carry on and call you guys my “biatches.” Second is where it’s at now sukatra. First is so overated. :o)

  2. Nalts, so the Invideo ads are gone for good?

    There is a god!!! (Nalts, you didn’t just read that…you’re hallucinating)

    Oh Naltsie, btw, if that comment about the email is directed at me and not the other Jason (good lord, I’m getting jealous already) I hope you know I was just joking!!! I think you’ve only NOT answered maybe one of my emails ever. I have good subject line skillz! :o)

  3. 1. I hope he’s going out on top and on to medical school where he’ll do more good in the world than another year on youtube.

    2. Stunt? Well, who cares then?

    3. Taking his peeps on his own to monetize his income and popularity? Maybe, but that won’t last long, been done and failed, you tube is pretty much it for such a wide audience, he’s not that original. I really don’t think his personality is that strong either, by the time he hits 24 and all his peers are in their 2nd year of med school he’ll be little more than pathetic, unless some unique hidden talent kicks in.

    4. Off to Renettotube? God, I hope not! but it would be fun to watch the melt down.

    Don’t get me wrong I think underneath Phil’s facade is a truly nice guy who wants to do some good in this world. That’s why I think he’d make a good doctor. If he decided to go in that direction and take his camera skills on the journey he’d step into a purposeful and very interesting dimension that would add a layer of quality to this medium and his legacy, maybe a few scholarships, grants and or sponsors as well.

    I can dream anyway…

  4. What a wishy-washy, limp-wristed, flacid, hair-dyed swan song! Pathetic. What is this? The 117th “I’m Leaving Youtube (maybe)” video I’ve seen in as many days? Pfffffft. What kind of insecure metrosexual angst drives a 24 year-old to dye his hair anyway? Vanity? Vanity, thy name is sXePhil. SxePhil, thy name is Zefrank Wannabee.

    I’ve got to hand it to him, though, SuksyPill did a pretty damned good Zefrank impression. Every time. Every video. Over and over and over again. For a one trick pony, he was awesome (a word that has absolutely no meaning any more). And no, I’ve never seen a sksyPhil video.

    Oh sob, sob sob! The humanity! The suffering! Where will all the Zefrank acolytes go NOW for their fast talking freshmouth snarky fixes? Winekone?

    As far as sxephil becoming a doctor: that’s one doctor I’ll never patronize. Who needs an ambivalent doctor who’s afraid to take a stand? Afraid to say unequivocally this or that?

    But I could be wrong. On the other hand, I’m probably right. But then again, maybe. I’ll see you later. Or maybe I won’t.

  5. According to ShayCarl’s recent video response to Phil’s goodbye video, ( ShayCarl explained that Phil and Lindsay will NOT be attending to Hawaii with them and that ShayCarl and his wife will only be attending Hawaii.
    I’m thinking that phil leaving has something to to with his father, who he earlier explained that his father had PKD, and was in need of serious care.

  6. Then why, Amanda, did he make a ‘Maybe Goodbye’ video implying that the “conversation” from his girlfriend (viewers) was not satisfying any more? So he’s calling us a lousy lay?

  7. Okay, then why, Amanda, did he make a ‘Maybe Goodbye’ video implying that the “conversation” from his girlfriend (viewers) was not satisfying any more? So he’s calling us a lousy lay?

  8. He’s a pre-op tranny and he’s finally decided to go through with the surgery. When he comes back he’ll be sxephyllis instead of phil. The sxe part will be kind of misleading though, given the lack of a weiner. Although some people will probably like that, such as lesbians, I guess, and the sxephil haters who never believed he had one to begin with.

    I hear he’s a really nice guy in person. .

  9. phil’s a bad breakerupper – if I were one of phil’s 136gazillion lovers I’d want to know why he dumped me – I would deserve that much – I hate that ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ bs!

    So, who will take his place, Fred? [click]

    There’s no business like show business! kids, animals and now youtubers. Might be one of the reasons advertisers don’t want to jump in this game. Wow! I just thought of a good reason for the existence of corporate lawyers! I’ll be in the corner trying to figure out where my logic went wrong.

  10. sukatra are you telling me phil is really Mr/Ms Garrison?

    Note to Phil: d00d we love ya man! we’re all long-time fans, you’re a you tube big shot, bear with me here, your videos were good, what words of wisdom can you give us all, we’re opening to your pointed criticism. we’ll miss ya man, thanks!

  11. I don’t watch SxePhil. I do know he knows what the hell he is doing, as he is constantly at the top of the charts (as referenced in my Pork & Beans parody, but I will say I absolutely cannot watch video blogs.

    Someone just sitting there talking without the pressure of an audience that is not automatically sold on them bores me to tears. The only thing that could get me to watch that is the view ( And even then I have a hard time stomaching someone talking about their life and other YT channels, etc. It’s like Garfield – nothing ever happens. Oh, that cat!

    I love watching independent productions. Comedy, drama, anything. I love seeing regular people without budgets making stuff that entertains because it’s entertainment. Actually trying, I guess.

    And I realize sometimes these vlogs are part of some type of grand entertainment scheme, like LonelyGirl. But that sucked too.

  12. Don’t ever make a vlog unless you have C-to-D sized boobs. And are a woman. And your C-to-D sized boobs take up the majority of your body weight. My ex would have made a good vlogger. Except if I had known her as a vlogger, I could have turned her volume down. Because usually vlog talk is BORING AND STUPID.

  13. He was a helluva man’s man, brilliant really, a role model for generations of entertainers, pickle munchers and professionals of every ilk to come. And come. And come. We should ALL follow his example and quit our day jobs to practice pretend journalism. Who knows, one of us may succeed where he fell short. One of us might get a guest appearance of Fox’s Red Eye.

  14. SxePhil needs to head out to the beach and find his inner silence and bless the rest of us with it. All boring and stupid vlog talkers do. Vlogging is a pestilence.

  15. People wonder why ad revenue is so low on online video – vlogging is why if you ask me. The internet is better than TV for advertising – period. You can target who you want, what you want, etc.

    The stars on it have an insane viewership that can be built almost instantly if something catches on.

    On YT, you pay per click. You can get some branding millage without paying and I suspect a lot of people do. Like Toyota.

    But I really don’t think they want to sink craploads into advertising over people talking about themselves or some niche subject matter to a camera. I really think people want broad results for branding purposes.

    And while on the subject, conversions are not going to be high from people wanting to be entertained. I don’t want to buy stuff when I am searching “insane bike crash” or “big boobs” on YT. I don’t think many people do. We might be susceptible to messages, but not impulse buys. Not in my opinion, anyway.

    Finally, I still think 3 video, one commercial, 3 video, one commercial, and so on AdSense playlists would be a product that they need to create.

  16. phil the only reason we chide you is because you matter, no matter what you’ve said about others here in the past; water under the bridge. good luck, come back when you get everything worked out we’ll love and envy your boobalicious success again 🙂

    Pete I hate commercials, 3v1c sounds like weird porn. But I’m a realist and know ad revenue is what pays for my “semi-free” viewing pleasure. So I purpose a solution albeit, a bit complicated. Upon joining any social network you’re given a survey stating what your interests are and those are the only types of ads you see. If this blog was monetized I would expect to see ads on cameras and video viewing sites, family oriented of course, basic packaging. Yahoo used to do this, but I suppose mass ads pay better. I can guarantee you as an enlighten and aware consumer the only time I click on mass ads is to help the creator, otherwise whenever it is in my power to remove, ignore or hide them I do, course I also vote in local elections

  17. I agree with the survey idea.

    I really don’t think PPC will be how we get paid a few years from now, though. How often do you honestly care enough about ANY ad, niche or mass, to click it? I can tell you, it has probably happened to me a couple times in the last year and that’s being liberal.

    Hence, branding. Awareness. And that has never been niche. Targeted, yes, but niche, no.

    It’s entirely possible the point of view I have on this has a lot to do with what does and doesn’t entertain me. I don’t like niche stuff. I like things that exist under a certain category – like comedy. But comedy isn’t niche. Nor is drama.

    Eventually TV and YT are going to be the same thing. I believe it, anyway. I don’t know how it’s going to work, but I believe that is what we’re going to see eventually. When that happens, how is Joe Dumbass with his new complicated controller going to respond to niche ads that you click on his TV? Not well.

    As far as AdSense Playlists with commercials (every three or four videos – or possibly every so many minutes then after whatever video you’re playing), this would give the opportunity to actually make shows that if people stick with, you get paid for their time. Or if people like your stuff to sit there and watch it like TV, you get paid like TV. No where nearly as much, but you would be.

    Also, if YT does follow through live video, it would be quite neat to see them allotting commercials to creators. Yes, people don’t like commercials. But if they aren’t over and over and over and over (like pre-roll), people don’t hate them.

    All I am saying is I believe YT needs to start monetizing TIME rather than leads if they want the big money.

  18. This rant is about to be confusing and all over the place, so I hope you bare with me and see why I’m tying these two issues together.

    Google is worth $25 billion.

    I think the youtube bubble is going to burst. Within the next 2 years the copyright issues will have to be resolved and that will determine the life and growth of online video. The question is who has the most hired guns in Congress? And who is Google supporting in the federal election? Since Gore is a major stock holder in Google my money is on the democrats.

    I can understand why advertisers are hesitant, it’s a personalized world, totally unpredictable, makes the books confusing and stock holders nervous, but if one knows how to promote their own videos it’s a good time for creators to market the hell out of their efforts and make enough to support their smoking or starbucks habit and pay for at least a half tank of gas. Of course, you might be labeled a sell out, busted on occasion for copyright, but when everything settles advertisers will understand the direction this is all heading and what works best and hopefully you’ll still be making videos or doing what it is you do online.

    I’ve been spending a little time on Joost, it was maddening, they interrupt videos right in the middle of the plot, I think they have some standard time issues on all their programming or just hate the viewer. Also, the commercials are 10 times the volume. I gave up and apparently so did their major backer.

    It’s all hit and miss from what I can see, everything hinges on these law suits. I can’t find a way to separate the two.

    Renetto got busted, but what he and all these people who are complaining fail to see is the power is in their hands. Congress holds the key to the copyright laws and until those issues are resolved advertisers don’t know how stable their investments will be. They need to bat at least 240 to stay viable.

    There’s an opportunity here if people are willing to organizes and see it through, but unfortunately, we are like the advertisements we see, having only a 30 second attention span.

    So what am I saying? advertising and copyright are related and you, the consumer and creator, have some power to direct what you like and what works best, but if people don’t put pressure on their legislative bodies now and resolve the copyright issue the creator is more likely to get squeezed out of the picture in the long run because ad revenue will always follow the LCD and that means SMOSH 24/7

    so what works best in monetizing the net is still TBA.

  19. Last time I checked, inVid ads were rocking on the videos for the past week on my videos.

    A lot of this (drama) has to due with me being overwhelmed by all these new responsibilities and opportunities. If I come back, meh, Im not that important and if I don’t, meh, Im not that important and can be replaced.

  20. As Phil said… InVideo ads aren’t GONE, they’re just rare. I don’t see ’em all the time, but I’ve seen ’em pop up on Zipster, HappySlip, and WhatTheBuck videos.

  21. The Youtube editors can only do so much to keep the hegemony propped up, guys. Maybe we should start thinking about paying a monthly tribute or subscription fee to Zipster, HappySlip and/or WhatTheBuck.

  22. I’m too lazy to read of all these comments before commenting myself, and since I am late to this conversation, I’m sure it’s been said before, but my reaction to his “farewell” video was, “meh”. sXephil is ok, I occasionally enjoy his videos, but he’s not “all that and a bag of chips”, as Dr. Phil would say. Hey! Dr. Phil and sXephil have the same name! Coincidence?

    Anyway, I won’t miss him all that much and I am sure he’ll be back by July.

  23. Phil Meh are Meh you Meh depressed? Meh but the human drama is fun and interesting [note to self] leaving people dangle really flames the fires of speculation and the imagination, best part of any story. Philly, If you think you’re easily replaced, then what does that mean for everyone else around you? hmmm? snap out of it! or talk to someone experiences you admire. Now repeat after me, “I am! I am somebody!”

    I saw invids on the big guns, but the videos are all pixie-messed, you can’t control volume or pause – least when using FF

  24. If I have to watch a 30 second commercial before watching a YT video as it was on AtomFIlms. I won’t use YT. I like that YT has used an unobtrusive form of advertising. To force the membership to endure your ‘message’ before being allowed to interact is against the original concept of YT.

    I appreciate that to the marketing guys this seems like a small price to pay for the service. But I think they’ll find that it’ll kill the social aspect of YT. People will resist.

    Tivos and DVRs exist for a reason and its not to record programing.

  25. I’m calling it! Everyone’s a winner!

    Marquisdejolie won the big lotto! congrats! the man knows people.

    But we all won something in this lil lottery
    Nalts won the, “understanding big brother, nice guy” award for demonstrating his vast experience and concern. aka Mr. Congeniality
    Erika won the, “skeptics” award
    Amanda F won the, “concerned neighbor” award
    NutCheese won the, well I’m not sure if she was talking about me or Phil so she gets a pack of tums until I know for sure.
    Marilyn won the “I have common sense and you don’t!” award
    Leonwestbrook won the, “hold on, let me think about that…” award
    Xjasongarciax won the, “I like ice cream!” award
    Peter Coffin won the,”predisposed genetically fortunate” award
    sukatra won the, “this is where the comments SHOULD have ended” award with her timely “FIRST!”
    JimmerSD won the, “blog comments killers award” sorry you were last.

    Me? I came in close second. How did I figure that? Phil came back as Fred.

    And Phil? Phil wins you tube.

    Are there any last words?

  26. Peter for this quote – “but I will say I absolutely cannot watch video blogs. Someone just sitting there talking without the pressure of an audience that is not automatically sold on them bores me to tears.”

    Unfortunately, the only thing you win is this part “3” of the letter B.

  27. Now that’s the right attitude!

    I’m going to keep score and the first person, though their smart, wise and witty contributions/comments who accumulates enough letters to spell Brian’s name will win a prize – the prize will be something Nalty – so don’t get your hopes up too high.

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