How to Watermark Logo on Video’s Black Bar (Letterbox)

How to Watermark Logo on Video’s Black Bar (Letterbox)Sorry. Bait and switch. This post isn’t giving the answer, it’s asking the question. But no worries. Someone will come along with the answers, and may even direct you where to buy Percocet online without getting ripped off.

So here’s the question: how do I replicate this image? I want to subtly watermark my URL on the black area beneath the letterbox. Of course in iMovie that bar doesn’t really exist. It’s like the most important part of the cup. The space in between. Ever elusive but essential for the lifeforce.

The black bar is created after I export to QuickTime. So I imagine I could export the “DV normal” into a high-resolution QuickTime file, then reimport it into a DV Widescreen Final Cut Pro Express file (which I still am too lazy to learn). Then use some image overlay and export it again.

But all that sounds like so much work unless you’re a total geek like TheMightyThor1212 or CharlesTrippy. Isn’t there some widget or some magical software that does it for me? If not, why don’t you get some programmer to make it. I’ll pimp it and even buy it. Because I’m too lazy and impatient to find free software on bit torrent.

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  1. LOL Marilyn!

    Great Nalts, just when I’ve gotten used the the “” burn in on the center of my monitor screen from watching so many of your videos you want to switch it to the bottom right corner? That’s just peachy!

  2. I use Sony Vegas, which that would be EXTREMELY easy to do with.

    But I’m also a PC user. OMG THAT’S MY INITIALS!



  3. You should be able to import that right back into imovie, and then title it in the corner.

    Let me see what I can come up with for you.

    I should be doing this too…you know, in case one of my 116 shitty movies becomes viral in some sort of weird parallel universe miracle.

  4. Yeah I can’t figure out how to make iMovie title where I want. It titles where it wants. That’s why I stick with the same stupid white text and trebuchet font in the center. Boring but easy.

    But what’s really what’s the point in getting people here. They expect more videos not a stupid blog.

  5. Kevin, it’s funny you should mention the point you made in your second paragraph. I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing.

    Actually, I would prefer that your blog not go viral, because it would loose the intimacy of our nice little group of commenters. Not that I’ve been intimate with any of them. At least not in person.

  6. lose, not loose. or loosen, not loose. eitiher one. actually it would probably be more accurate to say dilute. you know, dilute the intimacy. i hate typos.

  7. sukatra,

    You feeling well?

    *places hand on sukatra’s forehead*

    Those were the two scariest sukatra comments I’ve ever read.

    I thought you’d welcome the newbie bait for verbal attacks! Don’t “loose” your hardcore demeanor woman! It just wouldn’t be the same. :o)

  8. Wait! I know what it is…the ambien, right?

    Come six hours from now your gonna spew some vicious verbage from your oral orifice like a dragon does fire!!! Watch out newbies! You have been warned!

    Nalts, maybe you should put a huge Youtube link or banner within your wvff banner. Stating “For more funny videos click here” or something. Cause if people are like me…they are looking for the easiest way out! LOL! You know…like the barking spider picture you put up for me…I totally got that! :o)

  9. Jason, I only attack newbies in nutcheese’s stickam room. Why don’t you come visit in there sometime?

  10. LOL, is that an invite or a threat sukatra? :o) I’m kinda shakin’ in my boots over here. I can only imagine the weblebrity aura exuding from that stickam room. You can cut it with a knife! You promise not to e-shank me?

  11. Go to Editing
    GeeThree- Slick 5
    -Place Text

    It’s in the add-on that you got.

    Start using VideoFX
    GeeThree- Slick10
    Scale & Crop

    The floating box in the middle of the screen when you use other peoples footage looks GAY!

  12. well, I shoot in standard definition, so I don’t know how to edit high definition (shut up, I haven’t had a reason yet).

    but this is how I would do it, if I had a reason to:
    import it as 4 by 3 project. (this way it shows the letterboxes)
    then just add the watermark.

    problem is (at least for me on my 1.6 gig tower G4) that it “automatically letterboxes” which takes about twice as long as it takes to import (from dv), so I stopped because I was pissed at the slow speed, and now just import it in a 16 by 9 project.

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