Soundboard Prank: Dr. Phil Speaks to Survey Telemarketer

Heard of sound boards? Here’s one for Dr. Phil, where you can press various buttons to get some of his best soundbites. A new sport for the yougun’s today is the sound-board prank. Here’s a wonderful example that had me in stitches. It works so well because of the strong ego embedded in Dr. Phil’s tone that is such a stark contrast from what we might expect in a self-help guru.

Now enjoy the Spricket24 prank call, which was done by an amateur with a lot of patience. It’s fun to hear people baffled by an audio recording of a video that mentions you.

8 Replies to “Soundboard Prank: Dr. Phil Speaks to Survey Telemarketer”

  1. That spricket video is 7 minutes long. I am not watching a 7 minute video that does not involve two men having gay sex. Or puppies. And by that I don’t just mean puppies. I mean two men having gay sex with puppies.

  2. Marilyn – i would have said kittens, but think of the scratch marks. That would just be cruel.

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