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mall prank comedy videoOh, hi. Did you get here from eBaumsWorld? I’m on the homepage with this “Mall Pranks” video. I think I’d have spent more time making it if I knew it was going to keep getting views and features a year or so later. The YouTube version has almost 3 million views for reasons I can’t quite explain.

Anyway, I don’t get too bothered when someone rips my videos and submits them in their name. It’s a little annoying when they make money or don’t credit you, though. The elusive Heishi must have ripped and posted this version. She’s not responding to messages, and since her account was just created days ago it’s probably a lost cause. Still, her piracy got me some homepage coverage so I can’t complain. And the weird thing is that some people recognized me (per the comments). Who’d have thought eBaums and YouTube viewers overlap?

POSTSCRIPT (June 8, 2008): I have to give it to eBaumsWorld. When l33t Dwarf Horses got featured by someone else, they made right by it. And that dandy video did a whooping 1.5 stars out of five. Now they’ve fixed this Mall Prank attribution.

Author: Nalts

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  1. The mall pranks video is what got me addicted to you nalts. And I actually discovered you on break.com. That’s how I learned to always plug my website at the end of each video.

  2. I still recommend “Mall Pranks” to people who haven’t seen you yet; I even have it embedded on my web page. Of course, I give complete and total attribution to you. My sister started watching your videos because of “Mall Pranks”.

    I quite often see your videos under other’s names on YouTube; just saw one yesterday. Sorry, but if it was me, I’d be pissed. Especially when you work pretty hard on your videos and then someone does no work, rips them off, and they are usually at much lower quality.

  3. I think you should be consistent about objecting to people ripping your stuff. If your standard is “ok, just so long as your credit me,” then when they don’t credit you, complain to the website. Mediocre videomakers (or worse – people who don’t even make videos) should not be able to take credit for the delicious goodness that is nalts.

    Plus I know you have something on your channel page about that – you can use as long as you credit – but maybe you should add a line after that to make people pay attention – if you don’t credit and I find out I will DCMA your ass. Or something along those lines.

  4. Alan- or anyone. I don’t like watermarks but since I do letterbox, it would be cool to have a very subtle wvff type on the bottom. Anyone know how to do that? So it appears on the black bar instead of the image?

  5. I hate Ebaumsworld with the fiercest passion imaginable. I’d be incredibly ashamed to even be on it. That’s just me, though.

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