If You Don’t Like Farts, Stay Out of the Library

fart shirt spencer naltsYou know I really don’t care if anyone buys the “If You Don’t Like Farts, Stay Out of the Library” t-shirts. There are some things you do for others, some you do for money, and some you do just for some inexplicable self indulgence.

So here’s the shirt I just designed for my CafePress Nalts store, and it’s a homage to “Farting in Public.” (even thought the image is from “Poor Man’s GPS“). Oh, you haven’t heard of the 5-million view fart video? Then this must be the first post you’ve read on WillVideoForFood.com. 😉

Want to make your own shirt? Here’s the image in full resolution: farting in public t-shirt (Nalts and Spencer). And here’s the “Farting in Public” video via Overlay.tv, where I can create a floating ad for my DVD.

“Guacamole Ukulele” was a source for my music video this morning, and now live shows by Accio Bodyguard are making it to YouTube. Here they are talking about their YouTube success, and here’s a better sounding version. This is a song that has been dancing about in my head for days (since my first post about it).

The Wizard Rockers’ “Ruby Tuesday guacamole song” is destined for viral status whether anyone watches it or not. See that was a contradiction in terms that, no doubt, flew below your radar.

8 Replies to “If You Don’t Like Farts, Stay Out of the Library”

  1. Here’s the problem with that t-shirt. People don’t go to libraries anymore. That’s what the internet is for. So if it said “if you don’t like farts, stay away from the computer lab” or “your computer” or “youtube” or “nalts channel”, it would be much more accurate.

    Man, I am such a killjoy.

  2. “See Charlie, this is what we call a library. This is where your mommy and I used to go when we were little, like you, to borrow folded pieces of paper with all the same font. We called them book! No! no, honey don’t put that one on your face. There’s boogers on it. And what’s that? Ew, is right! Looks like some old dried blood. Say, why don’t we go home now and listen to a story on You Tube? Yea Yippeeeee Me Too! I knew you’d like that, but let’s go wash our hands first, k? Wait! Just hold your hands up in the air until we get home and don’t touch anything in the car. Next time daddy will bring the surgical gloves and face mask.”

  3. Oh this spawns a video idea. It’s the kids tour of the library as if we’re at Williamsburg, Virginia seeing how the settlers lived. Kinda like “The Onion” and its spoof on Blockbusters.

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