Oh Dear. I’m a Social-Media Neanderthal. Again.

Do you know that sickening feeling when you realize something important is happening via social media, and you don’t know where to start? You may call me a Neanderthal, but I like to think I’m a “medium-fast follower.”

evolution of computer darwin

So here’s my social media “Keeping Up With the eJones” history (at a Glance):

  1. In 1991 my friend Damon put his e-mail address on his business card, and I laughed.
  2. I can’t remember anything that happened between 1991 and 2005, but they tell me there was a bubble.
  3. In the fall of 2006, the techies in my office suggested I post videos on YouTube. I was like, “whatever. Revver shares advertising revenue.”
  4. I think I discovered Linked-In around then, and have been plagued by former salespeople since. Still can’t decide if I should be Kevin Nalty (marketing guy) or Kevin Nalts (video junkie).
  5. In 2007 I went on SecondLife for the first and last time (made this short satire video of my experience)
  6. Later in 2007, I felt compelled to catch up with my cooler friends by joining Facebook, MySpace, and other stupid social media sites I can’t even remember.
  7. I even started Twittering last year because Micki Krimmel made it look hot.
  8. Nutcheese told me to start Stumbling the other day, and that pretty much killed my video-making proliferation the past week. Thanks, Kelley.
  9. Now Steve Rubel (the “all knowing Thumper in a forest of clueless Bambninos“) is telling me I need to FriendFeed because he’s addicted. Of course some jackass swiped the Nalts name on FriendFeed (the nerve), so I had to resort to RealNalts. I don’t know how to start Friendfeeding, but the Scobleizer says it’s fast. Now I just have to figure out what it does fast.
  10. Continue to get accosted by work, friends and family about never checking e-mail and allowing my voicemail box to say “full.”

How’s a girl supposed to keep up with friends, coworkers and family? I’m too busy harnessing new technology to simplify my life.

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    1. I’ve been stumbling for well over a year, and JimmerSD is right; it’s old. But I still stumble on occasion. When I’m bored, i.e., when you haven’t posted a new video in several days.

    2. Nalts, stay a Neanderthal. Trust me. If you get too involved in social media you will not have anytime to make videos. it’s a black hole. Help!

    3. I am a social media neanderthal, too.

      I myspace a bit, facebook less, and watch maybe 3-5 YT videos aside from my subscriptions a day.

      And let me tell you why I don’t do much myspacing or facebooking. APPS MAKE ME MAD AS HELL. I figured out how to shut them off on MySpace, making them the obvious choice. Stumbling, however, I did when it first came out and was like “well, this kind of sucks.” I look at digg a bit.

      I said the same thing with Revver and made some nice money that summer they did pre-roll. Then that dried the HELL up. Those people are great and I wish they had succeeded, but they just lacked a boon to say “this is great for creators and for viewers.” I wish I had been working at my YT well-being all the time I was trying to work on that, I’d be further ahead right now.

      I was on NBC’s Most Outrageous Moments on Tuesday though. My nutkick clip made it.

    4. I got on Facebook and MySpace originally to keep track of my sons, who were using the sites. I never go to MySpace anymore (mainly because most of my students are there and they love trying to find me and add me as a friend).

      I use Facebook mostly to keep track of what is going on with my neices and my sons while they are away at school. They are more likely to post their innermost feelings on the web than to tell their mother. Just wait, sukatra; you’ll see what I mean in a few years!

    5. Oh- did I forget Tribe, Knowitall or Putfile? Marquis- I swear your stuff is on more sites than Michael Caine in movies.

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