Men Are Pigs. Pigs Watch Videos.

men like naked videos more than women- newsflashI just spent some time surfing the YouTube “insights” data to see what videos attracted men versus women. Oddly the “First Pregnant Man” was a precise split (50/50). Not surprisingly, more men preferred “Dying Roach.”

But the biggest chasm in gender viewing was “Best of Naked Vlogging.” That fairly popular video (which is the first in weeks that actually has an InVideo ad) was ridiculously skewed. 86 percent of the ~100K viewers have penises while only 14 percent have vaginas.

I totally rigged this post to be jam-packed with perv terms, so you are probably looking for this hot sexy women video. Now piss off, find a nice woman and settle down. You’ll never find joy, love and peace by taking direction from your second brain.

And the rest of you? Don’t be calling me a SxePhil manipulator because you secretly want to link to this page to take advantage of the traffic you’ll get back (and you know you want it, ohhhh yes).

The woman below is StylistBrighton and I met her in London. I’d tell you she’s “thumbnail hot” but I’m happily married, thank you very much.

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15 Replies to “Men Are Pigs. Pigs Watch Videos.”

  1. What about those of us that have both penises and vaginas? Have you ever thought about that? Think about how that might screw your data. I mean skew.

  2. I always knew there was something odd about you, sukatra! You have maternal instincts towards your son, yet you swear like a trucker. Now I understand.

  3. All these posts in one day = too much reading for xjgx in one day. Me no likey…me tired.


    All this talk about penises and vaginas I thought you were going to give an online sex ed class! That would be interesting!

  4. What Nalts needs is more of a breakdown…then he’ll find out for sure what most of us have suspected all along…his audience is mainly 13 y/o boys looking for more fart vids.

  5. I just had a little talk with Renetto’s conscious in the future and this is what it said, “d00000d! what the hell were you thinking?”

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