Best WillVideoForFood Commenters

A toast this evening to what keeps WillVideoForFood going even when readership wanes, I spell things incorrectly, or we go stale for a period.

I can almost always count on a thoughtful remark or clever quip from you regulars… Marquisdejolie, sukatra, jischinger, Marilyn, Zack Scot, Matt, Nutcheese, xjasongarciax, psychomelody, JimmerSD, Mike Abundo, Peter Coffin, Reubnick, maryann712, themighythor1212. Did I miss anyone? Raising a glass to you cool cats.

Thanks, gang. It would be lonely here without you. Lots of quiet industry readers, but it’s much more fun interacting. Speaking of which, how’s that forum going?

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If a guy blogged about a tree alone in a forest, does he make a sound?  

25 Replies to “Best WillVideoForFood Commenters”

  1. Who says “cool cats”?? Isn’t that from the last century or something??
    And what are you drinking in that glass you’re raising to us anyway? It must be dork juice.

  2. P.S. Thanks for the shout-out. And especially thanks for naming me before Zack Scott, and for spelling his name wrong. He’s been picking on me lately for my filthy language. The little whippersnapper. (I was gonna call him “the little fucker” but he doesn’t like it when I curse.)

  3. ^5’s Kevin and booty bumps Sukatra! I’m in the major leagues now!

    *dancing around doing the Macarena* cause I’m a “Kool Kat!” That’s the new millennium way to spell it Sukatra. Kevin is stuck in the ’80’s, but I still like him.

    Uh oh!!! Here comes a new song in my head…”I’m too sexy for this blog, too sexy for this blog!” LOL, it’s already getting to my head! :o)

  4. Occasional commenter reporting in. We deserve a Kool Kats post as well, there’s only about five of us occasionals!

  5. Cheers Kevin and to all here!

    The forum is ready and waiting for um… anyone, but someone ought to unlock the basement door and let tripplehelix out. Which reminds me, this was your month to feed him, wasn’t it?

    I don’t know how people get others to visit their blogs. Might be too many out there at this point. The popular trend seems to be those that focus on one particular area, like a fetish. I get a fair amount of visits on the political topics, but my counterpart is very disappointed; that half has turned into an archive more or less [ouch!]. Soon as this last project is complete I’m planing on developing a fairly elaborate web site. Anyone with extensive knowledge and experience is more than welcome to help and gets promptly added to my will or evie said she’ll write a story about or for you with pictures!

  6. I’m in the bathroom drinking coffee over the toilet trying to get the shrimp dye out of my bloodstream and mom’s in the kitchen doing her trashcan voodoo and the dog is in the window barking at joggers and all is well with the world. I feel so much healthier now that I’ve stopped the daily uploads.

  7. Yeah!!! I am a cool cat!! And I am also pleased, not only to have been named before Zack Scott, but that you also spelled my name correctly. The first shout-out I got in your blog was to “Marlyn”.

    Busy day at work today or I would have been here earlier. It’s very rare that 18 comments get in before I get here.

    Sukatra: curse away to your heart’s content, even if Zack Scott does approve now. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Ice cream man is here!!! Gotta go!!!!!!!

  8. Well the bar must be pretty low if I got named. (Oh, that Peter Coffin and his zingers!)

    Believe me, you must be doing something right if I am associating myself with you – I am the biggest prick opportunist you will ever meet. (Another one, wow, he’s good at being hard on himself!)

    Seriously, weird to know anyone noticed me here.

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