YouTube Now Advertising Free!

youtube advertising cancelled

¬†Well it’s been a week or so since I’ve seen an Invideo ad on YouTube. I’m not aware of a public statement regarding what is allegedly a technical issue.

My new banner is “Nalts: Now With No Advertising.” And I’m still posting away…

At least the subliminal ads are still running (see YouTube Picks).

13 Replies to “YouTube Now Advertising Free!”

  1. Well the ads are working on You might post there too. They do a nice job of distributing your videos to other sites automatically like iTunes.

  2. The odd thing is, I NEVER saw ads. Don’t know why. A small rectangle would appear above the banner that had the word “Advertisement” in it, but that was the extent of it. This was on all YT videos, not just yours, Kevin. I never mentioned this because I was just so happy not to have to watch ads. Don’t know if it is because I use Firefox, or if it’s because of some other abberation, but either way, I had no idea ads were missing until you and SxePhil mentioned it, because I never saw them anyway.

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