Ask a Ninja’s Packs Online Video Stats into 3-minute Punch

ask a ninja fact picture whistle goes hoooooA little rusty on your online video statistics?

AskANinja will give you most of what you need in 3 minutes. He’s also promoting his book that’s due this fall (preorder on Thanks for the tip, Mike Abundo (Inside Online Video).

When I was a kid I used to broadcast my radio show to my neighbor’s house where John, his brother Max,  and occasionally their mom, Alice, would listen to music and crank calls. Sometimes keeping a niche blog like this can remind me that I’m effectively writing a personal letter to about 11 loyal readers despite the high traffic.

Sincerely,  Kevin

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  1. Your parents let you broadcast a radio show where you made crank calls? Well, Kevin, this explains a lot.

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