George Bush vs. Robert Engel Interview (Parody)

I tried yesterday to talk Ben Relles ( and Obama-Girl creator) to make this video, but couldn’t resist doing it myself this morning. It’s a parody of the George Bush interview with NBC’s Richard Engel (the White House this week took offense to “deceitful” editing by the network).

Hopefully I’ve offended Bush and journalists equally in this “Bush on Bee Hives” parody video.

And I couldn’t resist the gratuitous Bee Movie ad. In the YouTube video description, I Rickrolled people by taking them to an MSNBC article on American Idol. But here’s the real George Bush and Richard Engel interview I excerpted from MSNBC.

george bush robert engel


Robert Engel with George Bush

6 Replies to “George Bush vs. Robert Engel Interview (Parody)”

  1. nalts,
    omg u mentioned this at lunch yesterday and today its up! how do u do it? i thought it sounded like a good idea when it came up at the lunch table, but it sounded like a big job. do you have elves making videos for u?
    (oh no – i sense another video idea brewing…)
    great job!
    ps great seeing u yesterday!

  2. Credit to Dylan’s dad for letting me know about this quote! And Marquis- that journalist tried to make me his pasty, but I ran away before being spotted on the grassy nole. Gnowl. Noel.

  3. I think you are just saying you “rickrolled” people to the wrong site because you don’t want to admit you copied the wrong url while playing fanboy this morning and pouring over American Idol articles.

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