Barack Obama Says Lose the SUV, Fatty.

I really find little pleasure in politics, and rarely appreciate political humor. But when someone told me today that Barack Obama said the following in Oregon, it created an uncontrollable desire in me to satire the remarksNalts has already given ShayCarl his assignment for a collab video, but I can’t find the video footage of this quote to save his life! Free credit to anyone who can help!

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,” Obama said.

It’s a fair statement, but how can we not take it a little personally?

But Mr. Obama, hear me now.

There’s one thing that’s bigger than our bloated guts.

It soars higher than our energy bills.

And it works harder than an SUV burning precious fuel…

What is it, you ask? Our collective American pride in humor as a defense mechanism.

19 Replies to “Barack Obama Says Lose the SUV, Fatty.”

  1. Nalts, don’t piss Zack off. Really. It would be a BIG mistake. He can be very, very persistent.

  2. Doesn’t Obama own 2 personal SUVs, fly around in private jets and own a mansion that burns 5 times the national average of per household electricity? Shouldn’t people with huge carbon footprints keep their shoe out of the average American’s ass?

  3. mdj will you’ll never learn… it’s about platitudes and change! we want change! this country needs change! and we need new socks, if Obama wins he’s going to give us each a new pair.

    the more I think of Kevin’s latest video the more profound it becomes.
    Kevin I believe you just expanded your audience from mere soccer moms and pert-ner yuppies to the good old fashion everything’s bigger and better in America. If it wasn’t so hard to get on the ballot across the US I’d bet my last dollar Jesse Venture could be president [click]

  4. Is Nalts taking a position in opposition to Obama on energy?

    “…how can we not take it a little personally?”, Kevin asks. Well, only if we identify with our SUV’s and overheated homes more than our obligation to set an example to the world on conservation.

    If we are going to continue to consume the lions share of the worlds energy reserves and scoff at suggestions to compromise our own selfish comforts, America will continue to lose the moral authority to lead on energy conservation issues on the world stage.

  5. I’m certain that the clear cut sign of the end was when the secret societies publicly released Kevin’s real name. So you think Brian will do an end time video anytime soon? I can see it now, he’ll be vloging while driving the rapture will hit, poof! he’s gone, and the camera keeps rollin’…

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