Where to Buy Cheap Video Camera and Gear- New and Used (B&H)

Unknowingly I was approved as a B&H affiliate last December (I should check e-mail more often). So here’s a banner below. For those of you that don’t know, affiliate programs allow bloggers and website owners to earn some small portion of your purchase if you visit the e-commerce site via the blogger’s coded link or banner. So bookmark this page!

A lot of people ask me what video equipment to buy, and where to get it. I default to BestBuy for impulse electronics, and often buy from Amazon.com. But my “heaven on Earth” is the NYC B&H store. I’ve mentioned it several times before (even before I had the old “affiliate” hidden agenda. 🙂

B&H is like FAO Schwartz for digital video, audio and camera nerds. They sell video cameras, digital accessories, sound gear and computers. Prices are amazing, and I’ve never had an issue with service or returns (bought my recent Canon HV20 there for a steal). I’ve been burned by NYC retailers before, but the place is run by Amish I think.

My original blog (revverberation.com) was littered with low-revenue text ads, but I’ve deliberately not junked this blog up with low-profit Google text ads. They’re an eyesore. But here’s an affiliate banner for B&H. I have no idea how much I make if you go there via this banner, but I thought I’d give it a try. I’m pimping, but I know I’m not steering you wrong.

So if you’re on the market for gear and you can find a better price at B&H, go there via this link and you’ll be helping me offset my Bluehost fee for this blog! Again- I wouldn’t send you there if I wasn’t really happy about my experience with B&H, and most of the prosumers (professional/consumers) I know buy all of their gear at B&H — whether they live in NYC or not. Double check Amazon.com because occasionally you’ll find a better price there, but the options on Amazon for video enthusiasts are limited.

The actual NYC store is a dreamland. Get there if you can. I drove past it recently with Mr. Safety and told him about the giant conveyor belts that shoot your product from the warehouse to the register and he thought I was teasing. When I shop there I hear circus music in my head and people’s heads transform to giant lollipops.

14 Replies to “Where to Buy Cheap Video Camera and Gear- New and Used (B&H)”

  1. I send everybody to B&H first. People have to have crazy sales just to beat their prices.

    Unfortunately for them I’m the world’s greatest ebay deal finder so I haven’t bought much from them lately, but the two corporations I work for spend thousands there monthly.

    I love their support, too. They is good people.

  2. Oh oh oh — I forgot to tell you this. Yesterday I did a throw-away 20 second video to cheer somebody up, and you’ll never guess who commented on it. TheWineKone. Yeah. And not only did he comment, he was the first one to comment.

    Does he ever comment on your videos? I’d guess no. So nya, nya nya nya nya. You may have 40,000 subscribers and a great deal of talent, but I have a comment from TheWineKone. Take that, you non-commenter on my videos.

    Gee, now I wonder who the real whore is.

  3. I use B&H and I live in Australia. I can get a better range of equipment, at a cheaper price and quicker than I can get it in Australia. And it’s even better now that the Aussie Dollar is nearly equal to the Greenback. Huzzah!

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