“Farting in Public” Kid Goes MIA: Campaign to Bring Back Spencer

Spencer is my nephew’s friend who appeared in “Farting in Public” (now almost at 5 million views). We’ve done about 12 mostly public videos together, and here’s a playlist so you can watch them all on YouTube: “Best of Spencer.”

Spencer has a unique ability to suspend social anxiety and do just about anything without cracking up. Meanwhile, I stand behind the shaking camera laughing with tears in my eyes. He reminds me of The Man Show boy.

I’m starting a campaign to bring him back, because I miss him more than my online-video viewers. And he hasn’t returned phone calls lately. Maybe another creator has signed him. Well rest assured I pay better, Spencer! Free food, iTunes cards, gift certificates, Target trips and even a free Hamster that debuted in “Hamster on a Walk” (I hope Beaowulf is still alive).

Here’s my “Best of Spencer” video, appealing to viewers to charm him back in the “comments” section.

9 Replies to ““Farting in Public” Kid Goes MIA: Campaign to Bring Back Spencer”

  1. Even though I had seen all that footage before – I still laughed. Such hilarious days. Bribe him bigger, is all I can say.

  2. I’m not sure, but I think Spencer has out grown the part.. you know .. like that Walt character from LOST … what I mean is, how are you going to pass off a 25 year old corporate executive as a 12 year old kid ??

    I smell a “Where Is Spencer Now” retrospect. Like “Mikey” from LIFE Cereal or that kid “Charlie” from that NALTS channel ???

    It’s such a shame how stardom at a young age is always credited to the parents but is ultimately blamed on cheap cologne.

  3. Fame is so fleeting, I’m amazed anyone even remembers Spencer anymore. Tell him that this is his time in the spotlight and if he doesn’t grab it now, he’ll never have another chance. Once he grows up, his publkic will be done with him.

    It could be that his parents no longer approve of his working with you. I wouldn’t blame them if that was the case. You are very good at corruptng minors.

  4. Hey Spence – one word – CASH!

    Look Spence, d00d, I’ll be your agent. Forget the fast food and these piddly rodents, and you know you’re way past the itunes phase babe! Hire me and I’ll squeeze Six Flags Tickets out of him for ya! 20% on the up, think about it. call me!

  5. Hows about we start a campaign to keep Renetto out of youtube? Nah, I like to make fun of his baldness. We miss Spencer!

    I have a pal named Spencer. You can have him if you want. He was in “Stoopid Guitar”.

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