Nalts Gets Killed

Fiction and reality can be ironic. Last Thursday night I joined some folks in NYC to shoot the recent “Farting Unites,” but not before meeting in Newark to get killed by PaulScott1972here’s his frightening video threat.

Ignored YouTubeAnd here’s a video called “Ignored: Part 5.” It’s graphic and involves a car being tampered, but be sure to enjoy the outtakes to decompress.

In true irony, during this same time I received real death threats and car tampering that has resulted in an ongoing police investigation. See “more” to read about that too-close-to-home drama.

The fictional series, titled “Ignored,” (see entire playlist) was inspired by the behavior of YouTube viewers who feel dejected because their favorite creators don’t respond to e-mail or messages… K80Blog was fake killed last Halloween. Musosf and GeneticBlend are two of the creative brains behind this disturbing but intriguing storyline.
It’s unfortunately true that as a YouTube creator’s viewer audience increases, it becomes impossible to dignify each person with a response. This makes the “famous” recipient perpetually guilty, and offends people who don’t know what it’s like to receive hundreds of messages a day via YouTube. I remember feeling “ignored” when I was new to YouTube and didn’t get responses from popular YouTubers to whom I wrote
The death video is atypically dark for a Nalts one, so my kids won’t be watching it and neither should yours. But I have been known to fake my own death before (see GooTube Conspiracy). I’ve even had a firework smash through my eyes thanks to the special effects of Davideo Designs.

(MORE): So here’s where irony enters from stage left. The day we shot the fake death video, I received some real threatening messages from a YouTube account that has since been removed. These threats became a serious concern when someone took credit for slicing a fluid line of a vehicle in our driveway (which happened last Wednesday). I’m not kidding here, folks.

Last Friday night (April 25) we went to the local police with full documentation of disturbing, specific death threats coming from a YouTube account. The perpetrator took over a friend’s gmail account and their YouTube account. For the past 6 days I’ve been in contact with YouTube’s abuse group, and they were able to confirm that the offending account was established via a local internet service (ISP) provider. Unfortunately I need a “order of warrant” or subpoena to receive the ISP data that will likely implicate or absolve (I hope) the person the police suspect with a “99-percent certainty.”

I respect how YouTube protects the privacy of its community members, but I resent that malicious people can hide behind cyber privacy laws which are meant to protect innocent people. The YouTube Abuse Department’s reluctance to provide further information means they may well have a “smoking gun.” Although I won’t likely pursue a warrant (unless threats continue), I sure hope YouTube decides to take action.

It may seem odd that I’d post this video so soon after recent events. But yesterday I made a concious decision to leave this behind me, and this video was (in a strange way) closure. The threats have stopped, police have taken creative steps to guard my family, and I don’t feel like spending anymore time worrying while we pursue the bureaucracy of a magistrate court order thingy.

Plus with Nalts dead for a while, Kevin will have a much-needed break from YouTube (the good and disturbing) to concentrate on syndicated writing and creative rejuvenation. Thanks to those of you that have expressed concern about the real drama, and please don’t speculate in comments about any individuals you suspect (I’ll delete them).

Specific details have allowed me to rule out the creators of Ignored (yes the thought crossed my mind that strong coincidences are often not). And everyone’s innocent until proven guilty!

To those that experience similar threat issues, I suggest corresponding with YouTube aggressively. They treat all cases the same, but they’re also inundated, so perseverance helps. File a local police report, and then — if necessary — you’ll need a court order to allow YouTube to provide information. The good news is that YouTube/Google can (if required) furnish a lot more information than most realize — about the location and related account activity of people using the websites to harass and threat. I’d bet on Google over even the most sophisticated hacker.

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  1. Glad you are back, Nalts. After you took this post and the video down, I was worried about you. As I said in a previous post, the safety of you and your family is more important that your YouTube status. I didn’t get to see your video yesterday, though I did see paulscott1972’s video, which was creepy enough. Hopefully I’ll be able to see your video when I get home from work today.

    Hope you get this all straightened out. It must be scary for you and Jo.

  2. Hi- got your comment Marilyn, and then decided to pull this story down. But now I’m only thinkin’ positive thoughts and putting this weird chapter behind me. The “Ignored” is an odd way to seek closure, though.

  3. I watched the “death” video, and then the outtakes. Pretty good stuff. From the outtakes it looked like you guys had fun doing it.

    Have you caught up with your stalker yet? Just think; you are in the same league as Uma Thurman!!

  4. wow, I didn’t think your resent videos were that bad! I just want to assure you that it wasn’t me. If you all need a place to hide out and crash there’s a couch in the basement for ya here. You Tube is full of nuts! I think if you want to find out who this guys is just tell YT-G you’re from the Chinese Government and they’ll hand over his information on the spot. Sincerely though, I hope you guys are alright and they catch this creep. Hey, anyone see Marquis?

  5. Kevin,

    I’m so sorry to hear of this. It just bums me out so much that someone would stoop that low. That just pisses me off! Seriously someone ain’t right in the head!

    So this means you’re through with youtube for awhile? (yes, I’m being selfish here) All that matters is that you and your family are safe. You’ll be in my prayers tonight and hopefully you can sense the good vibes headed your way.

    Take care bud!

  6. There are very few popular youtubers whose videos I even bother to comment on. A lot of them never reply to comments, or only very rarely, and I actually think that’s a good precedent to set – at least for them.

    The only reallly popular youtubers I ever comment on are the Winekone and you. Winekone will occasionally reply to my comments if I get there early enough, but that’s because I write dirty stuff and he’s a perv. Ironically, you are one of the most diligent repliers of all the big youtube celebs out there. It annoys me to no end when I see people leaving comments on your videos about “why don’t you respond to my comment” blah blah blah because you are actually quite interactive with your audience. It’s one of the things I like the most about your channels.

    Oh and the videos aren’t too bad, either.

    And I swear to God, if you’re gonna go dark again, at least write some drivel here every day so we have something to make fun of you about.

  7. mdj- the lake, eh? [music from the godfather fades in]
    and what were you doing on said lake, saying the rosary perhaps? [music fades out]

    ew, sukatra winekone is creepy!

    Kev, what happen Katie quit? Just have your minions reply to everyone who comments,,like greeting your neighbors in church or poking a fork in a baked potato

  8. One thing I always liked about you, Nalts (which is probably the reason why you have a stalker), is that you seem so accessible. Don’t lose that trait.

    But like sukatra says, if you do go dark on YT for awhile (and I wouldn’t blame you if you did; though, selfishly, I would obviously prefer that you don’t), at least post here every day so we can make fun of you (and to know you are still alive).

  9. Wow, Kevin. That rots. I like your attitude, but be careful. Turn on your house alarm, get a couple of hyper-barking dogs, or something. I’ll make room for you at my place if you ever need to bug out of your place. Jo only met me once on Copley lawn but my son talks things your kids do all the time as if they’re already close friends, so we’d work it out.

    — Damon

  10. Guys who cut brake lines and such are pissant cowards afraid of direct confrontation. Get yourself some cheap WalMart motion detection yard lighting. If you have a guesthouse or camper, you could probably get yourself an on-property redneck, too.

    Meanwhile, while you’re away, I’m trying to fill the fart video void you’re leaving.

  11. YOOO!!! This is like, way beyond the pale, indeed! JEEBUS! Well, I’m glad that you and yours are all OK Mr. Nalts, but I am very sorry to hear about this quite disturbing turn of events! What the fuuucccc…….???????

    Well, take good care man but you may want to really consider a “self-defense” option like an electronic stun gun, or, if you want be even more secure just get a Remington pump and start practicing on clay pigeons down at the range. Seriously, check it out: LEGAL HOME PROTECTION!!! The freak(s) know where you live and you don’t live alone.

    Your other option is, of course, MOVE TO JAPAN!!! :O) THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! And you know for sure I am here for you and your family %100 everyday, all the way, and, we’ll be a GREAT TEAM!!! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!



    ___: )

  12. I miss Tokyo.

    Guns and small kids don’t mix well, Rob. When I was a kid, I accidentally shot a dog bed through a wall with an old ‘unloaded’ WWII souvenir Luger I’d been pointing at my friend’s head in Gilman, Colorado. I missed the dog who was sleeping in the bed at the time, but that dog growled at me every time I came over to play with that friend from then on. So did my friend’s dad who should’ve hidden his gun better.

  13. I love reading the comments of the inner circle of willvideoforfood commenters. I wish I could afford to buy you all a bottle of fancy deodorant.

  14. Thank god I’m not the only one who can’t get on youtube. I felt like a pariah. Maybe Al Qaeda finally broke through the “wall of silence” that is youtube. god knows what they’re doing to those poor people in San Bruno.

    On the other hand, maybe it will teach those bastards to be a little more responsive to their peeps.

  15. yep all updated.

    You Tube bit it big time, the only question is why; self inflicted, retaliation for censorship from some unknown group or for not censoring its content from some nefarious government?

    This is the one thing that really bothers me about Google-YouTube, they are willing to censor free speech for keeping some markets open, like they did in Thailand. They continue to go out of their way to squash speech at the request of some governments and corporations just to make more cash. Why do they continue to block CNN in the US? (btw they closed the hack) Why does CNN want to block their news in the US? It’s all about market profits.

    Yes, Google-YouTube is under attack by the Chinese government for not pulling videos of the uprising in Tibet; which is worse than we’ve seen on the MSM, but the only reason Google-YouTube seems to care about letting these videos stick around is because Yahoo got a huge piece of the Chinese pie last November with Alibaba. [click]

    A corporation’s rights should never supersede human rights. In fact Google-YouTube should make that a large selling point, even when they aren’t losing market shares in China to Yahoo (MS backing off of the Yahoo deal was smart, for the time being). I’m not talking about death threats to individuals either, but when you can’t mock your leaders or report someone is wrongfully imprisoned for fear a video or news will might be removed that is when they ARE doing evil. [click]

  16. I’m not having any problems with YT today.

    Nalts, Just comment here every day so we know that you are still alive.

    You don’t need to buy me a big bottle of deodorant, but a big bottle of vodka would be nice.

  17. See, I was wondering what’s up with Nalts…come here and I found my answer. LOL

    I could totally understand backing off YT after a situation like this. I know you’re persuing other things however, I imagine this situation has to have made you rethink this YT thing.
    I’m so uncomfortable vlogging (and I think it shows in my videos LOL) because I’ve watched other people chased off of YT for similar reasons.
    There are waaaaay too many wacko’s on YT…how could you keep up?
    As for the Ignored video, I have to say…it’s possibly one of your best videos. That video is also classic Geneticblend…without a doubt.

    I agree with Marilyn…comment here so people know you’re ok. Take care of yourself and family. I hope you find out who did that…it’s just too creepy!

  18. Hi Nalts. Say, I’ve thought you were way too exposed, too easy to stalk, too easy to attack (not to mention the kids). I hope you will find a way to remain real and accessible, while protecting yourself and the family adequately.

    Always remember: there’s a lot of unbalanced people in the world.

  19. Stalkers who cut fuel lines rather than bringing their wife and 4 kids to your house are kinda scary. Enjoy the time off from YouTube! And don’t move to Japan – Kim Jong Ill is always kidnapping people from there to make his home movies.

  20. I am here to breath new life into you and proclaim your death over…..EVERYBODY, CLEAR!! {ZAP ZAP ZAP} CLEAR!!!! {ZAP, ZAP,ZAP}
    CLEAR!!!!! Your life is restored, run into the light, Run into the light!!

    this soul is CLEARED!

  21. Hey Nalts! What up? Everything ok with you and yours? Can you at least post here once in awhile so that we know you really ARE alive?

  22. Kevin, I wanted to say that I’m sorry to hear what happened and hope that whoever this creep is gets his comeupins. I really enjoy watching your vids and have missed them since you ‘went dark’.

    Stay safe!


  23. Wow Kevin – yet again you prove truth is stranger (and a little scarier) than fiction. Good to here that this incident seems to be clearing itself up but that is quite a shocker – mainly because I can’t see how your brand of family-centric entertainment could really offend someone that much. Still, there are some funny people out there.

    I was gonna type ‘stay safe’ but I just noticed Jim did so I’ll opt for a vaguely ZenArcher-ish ‘be safe’!

  24. I watched the Death video for the 3rd time and I realized there had to be something going on, so I came over here and I am so saddened to learn about what you and your family have gone through. Take time to regroup, hold your wife and children close to your heart. Know that there are more of us that enjoy your creativity and ability to bring a smile to our faces and souls. If you decide to not reappear, just remember, there are no bad decisons, just the right decision for the situation. Godspeed.

  25. I agree completely with the above poster. Except that I wish you would post comments here once in a while so we know that you ARE still alive.
    Love you Nalts (in a good way; not like a stalker or anything)

  26. I gotta say that this did prompt some good reflection as to the appropriate balance of quanity vs. quality. I think I’m experiencing lower views lately because I’m fatiguing the majority of my audience in favor of providing regular content to the hard core folks. I wrote a whole post on the subject this morning, then lost it when my internet connection died.

  27. I can appreciate that. I cannot fathom how you where able to keep the string of content going as long as you did. (Applause!) That being said, quality does have it’s merits.

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