Study Shows People Who Don’t Watch Online Videos Are… Boring

zipster loco mama terryA recent study shows that the shrinking percent of US citizens that don’t watch online-video regularly are more likely (by 45%) to be boring than their video-watching counterparts. This study, mind you, is based not on a significant N or any official methodology. It’s just based on my own experience.

For example, here’s a result of last evening with Zipster08 and ChristopherMast. It’s a video called “Loco Mama and the Boys from the Hood.” Call them crazy, but don’t call them boring.

Incidentally, Mast (an Indie singer and nurse) is “couch surfing” with the Nalts family this week, and documenting every waking moment. Again- call it what you will, but it’s not boring.

And, all things being equal, life is more interesting when it’s not boring.

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24 thoughts on “Study Shows People Who Don’t Watch Online Videos Are… Boring”

  1. first? haha
    I couldn’t imagine there is ever a dull moment in the nalts house.
    You attract the more interesting characters on YT.

    Some of us spend our life online and we’re still boring. LOL

    Funny collab video BTW.

  2. Nalts, you turned The Loco M down?! Silly boy, she’s hot! LOL! It cracks me up everytime you’re eating something on video…you really get into it!

    What did the doc say about your symptoms, besides you’re pregnant? That seemed obvious with your mood swings! :o)

  3. Just saw another study done by the University of Minnesota in Milwaukee that tenders the theory that 95% of all people who make videos are boring.

    Speaking of boring, whatever happened to Renetto? They stopped paying him so he lost interest in the community?

  4. Ok, that finger was creeping me out and I’m glad it is gone. But now Loco Mama? I’m not sure which is worse.

    How did you get so lucky (?) to have Christopher Mast as a house guest? Doesn’t BabysitterofNalts find him annoying? How is that working out for you?

  5. Nalts, can’t you do something fun like get tech-crunched again? I feel the urge to spend the weekend needlessly posting inane comments and then giggling wildly at myself. I mean, I giggle wildly all the time, but usually not for any reason except that I’ve forgotten to take my meds. Brain rot. It’s not a pretty thing.

  6. That was fun, sukatra. Trying to keep up with you and trying to be witty with each post was challenging. Obviously, I did not succeed. At being witty, at least.

    So your meds make you NOT giggle, huh? Mine work the opposite way.

  7. I noticed that too, marquis, but I assumed it was because it takes time to dismember a dead body and dispose of the pieces.

    Sorry. Watched a special on Jeffrey Dahmer this weekend. Big mistake.

  8. What happened to the other post? Why did you delete it? Did you pull down the video? I didn’t get to see it yet, but that’s ok. Just hope everything is ok.

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