eBaums Features My Worst Video Ever… L33t Dwarf Horses

eBaums featured my worst video ever a few hours ago. It’s called “l33t dwarf horses,” and it’s a parody of “Internet gaming speak.” It was inspired by DigitalPh33r (see recent post on him). For more about l33t, see this Wikipedia entry. Or the Urban Dictionary version of it.

eBaums must have ripped the video from some website, and posted it. So I just set up my own Nalts account, posted the same video, and asked them to provide correct attribution.

Then again, with 224 scathing comments (in just four hours) and a 1/5 star rating, maybe I don’t want credit…

9 Replies to “eBaums Features My Worst Video Ever… L33t Dwarf Horses”

  1. I don’t know that i’d feel comfortable call that one your worst video ever…there are so many candidates in that race.

  2. Yeah, I don’t think I’d worry too much about taking credit for it, given the comments it’s getting.

    By the way, just to increase your humiliation, here are some of my favorites:

    “I’m going to go in my room, curl myself into a ball and think about what I just saw for the rest of my life. I’m scared.”

    “Now I know how the angry german kid feels.”

    “How does this shit get featured and my decapitation video doesn’t”

    and, of course,

    “I can eat 196 pieces of bologna in under 8 minutes.”

  3. I liked this comment:

    “This is about the dumbest fucking thing i have ever seen. Unless you’re tripping your balls off and only then would something like this make be worth anybodys time…..like the time i took me to write this.”

    It continues to amaze me what people will spend their time writing about videos they purport to hate.

  4. You know its still April.. you could pretend your ownership claim was really just a very late April Fool’s gag gone hideously wrong.

  5. This is almost bad enough it could achieve cult status. Almost. Better luck next time :>

    And like everyone else is pointing out, I too am delighted by all the comments, especially the more dark-toned ones…

    “ok now i would have to say this and the lol cats need to go…. honestly who cares about 9 year olds attempts at internet slang whoever made this , go kill yourself or even better come to my place so i can do it”

    (Don’t you just LOVE that finishing touch?)

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