Nalts Live on Rhett & Link Tonight

rhett and link wetting bedSorry. This is the kinda post that industry people don’t care about, but some of my viewers might. I’m going live with Rhett & Link tonight (Thursday, April 17 at 9 EST). That’s 2 am for you folks in England, but you never sleep anyway. [Added April 21: here’s the archive of the show].

Rhett & Link are Musical Comedians, Web Comics, Content Creators, Magicians, Grocery Clerks, Bed Wetters and Indie Filmmakers.

Here’s the website with details. I think I’ll shave my goatee tonight live.

rhett and link live

8 Replies to “Nalts Live on Rhett & Link Tonight”

  1. Well, I’d love to watch, but unfortunately it conflicts with my favorite show, “Live with Bob and Orville” on Arlington public access. Tonight’s guest is Ivan Gotthe Shitz, head of the public works department. I’m counting down the hours.

  2. Will I still be able to talk to you live if I DVR it Nalts? I’ll probably watch it about 4am, see you then!

    LOL :o)

  3. Did you realize that you are going to be on opposite an episode of “The Office”? Are you sure you can handle that? I know how addicted you are to that show.

    I will try to watch if nothing better comes along. Unless you PROMISE to shave. Then I’ll be sure to watch.

    BTW, the hair on your face is referred to as a “Van Dyke”. I know this because my husband has one also. A goatee is a van dyke without the mustache.

  4. Nalts, Keep the half shaven face for awhile! :o)

    It was still fun to watch you be silly.

    Everyone that missed out, Nalts crashed the show!!!! Literally!

    or what did u call it Nalts? A dramatic pause!

    I was whistle-tippin’ you throughout the entire show man! WooWOOOOOO!!!!


  5. Okay I just finished watching, and not that it was any of your fault, but it sucked. I can see now why you never want to do live online stuff – the text was way too difficult to read. It ain’t like that on stickam!!

    Also some douchebag reprimanded me for using the word orgy, which I thought was pretty fucking pathetic.

    I hope you don’t shave the other half of your beard til tomorrow. i want to see a video of people’s reactions to your half beard. That would fit in perfectly with weird week.

  6. What happened to the live feed anyway. It went dark in the middle of the clone video. Like Sukatra said, it sucked anyway.

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